Depressed Mother Kills Self And Her Two Children After Locking Them In A Bedroom And Setting It Alight

A very crazy world out there and very perilous times we live in. If students are not luring and killing innocent women, men are defiling toddlers or fathers’ committing incest. Everyday the press is awash with all these sad happenings and one begins to wonder, is humanity fast becoming a threat to itself? Is anyone really safe? Why would a mother want to die and take her children with her in the most tortous and unimaginable fashion? If you’re sick and tired of life, why not seek help and if it’s not forth coming, kill yourself but allow those who want to live the right to make that choice.

Looking Every Bit a Happy Woman: Luciana Garcia With Her Family

This is what happened when a depressed Brazilian dentist killed her two children by setting fire to their bedroom with gasoline. Luciana Garcia locked herself and her young children in the room and set alight to a bed and furniture soaked causing an explosion. The bodies of Garcia, 42, and children Leticia, 11, and Leonardo, 13, were found charred in their home in seaside tourist town Castro Marim in Portugal near the Spanish border.

Killer Mother: Luciana Garcia set fire to the family home using gasoline, causing an explosion which killed herself and children Leticia, 11, and Leonardo, 13

According to media reports neighbours heard the children scream for help before the explosion which partially destroyed their house at 10am on Wednesday. Husband Leonardo Gioso, had left for work at a dental clinic he ran with his wife two hours earlier.

At work: Leonardo Gioso, Garcia’s husband had left for work two hours before the explosion

In the past, Garcia had threatened to commit suicide due to depression, according to Portuguese media reports. Police investigators found a lighter and gasoline at the scene, local media reported. The door to the room where the family died was also locked. This findings by investigators further fuelled the suicide theory.

Charred Remains Carried Away
The Family’s Charred Remains Were Found Locked In a Bedroom In The House

Mayor Crystal Paulista said the deaths had shocked the community of the Portuguese city. She said: ‘Both she (Garcia) and her family were loved by the community and many were caught by surprise.’

The couple had lived together in Portugal for 15 years.




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