District 404: Jos Dog Sellers Request for Permanent Market

In a statement made to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Jos, on Wednesday, the Chairman, Dogs Sellers Association, Fwagul Dog Market chapter in Jos, Mr. Oliver Gowon, speaking on behalf of dog sellers in Jos, have called on the Plateau State Government to build a permanent market to enable them to transact their business without hitches.

According to Mr Gowon, “What we have is a temporary market and this is neither good nor conducive for the growth of our business… We were formerly at the old Jos market before we were moved to this rented plot of land. We are appealing to the State Government to establish a dog [market] in the greater Jos master plan… We want a market that is fenced to minimise the rate at which dogs escape each time they break loose… We also want stalls we can lock, as well as pipe borne water, electricity and other amenities that would improve the sanitary condition of our trade.’’

The Dog Sellers Association believe that, not only is the establishment of a permanent market for them very necessary, they also believe that the dog market in the state is now so lucrative as to contribute significantly to the economy of the state! The chairman of the sellers’ association continues, “Government can generate a lot of revenue from the dog market because people do come from distant places on daily basis to buy both live dogs and the prepared meat.’’

Yes, you heard it right there, “prepared meat”, for those who might have been thinking the association caters to the sales of the live animal alone, perhaps as pet – which is what most people use the dog for. Well, we wish the Dog Sellers Association in Jos luck with their plea.

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