Dj Khaled Owing Landlord Rent, About To Be Evicted

Dj Khaled’s landlord is set to evict him from the house as he owes $55,000 in rent. Dj Khaled rented the apartment last September from Misci LLC , according to court documents.

According to the landlord’s lawsuit , Dj Khaled promised to make two bulk payments of $66,000 for rent. He actually made the first payment but hasn’t made the second. They struck a deal after for Dj Khaled to pay $11,000 upfront and add the $55,000 balance a month later.

Two weeks later, Misci gave Dj Khaled three days notice to vacate the apartment, but he refused. He then filed a lawsuit  get his money back and evict Dj Khaled from the apartment. No word from Dj Khaled and his reps yet.


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