Female Banker Crushes LASTMA Official to Death, Flees Scene of Crime

LASTMA Officials

Tragedy struck on the Lekki-Ajah Expressway, Lagos State, on Friday when one Yinka Johnson, a female banker with Standard IBTC bank reportedly crushed a Lagos State traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) official, 33-year-old Hammed Balogun, to death in the process of trying to escape being sanctioned for breaking traffic rules.

General Manager of LASTMA, Engr. Babatunde Edu, who confirmed the incident, said the deceased was carrying out his official assignment at his duty post at Mega City, Ajah area of Lagos when the ugly incident occurred. Engr. Edu added that the driver fled the scene after crushing the LASTMA official to death, but she was later arrested with the help of the Area J Commander, ACP Felix Vwamhi.

According to him, “The suspect whose identity was revealed by the Auto Inspector Device as Yinka Johnson, a staff of IBTC drove in a Green Land-Rover Jeep, SUV with registration number plate, CY 276 LSD against traffic from Mega chicken inward toll Plaza Two… She was intercepted by three officials of LASTMA led by the Head of Operations, Mr Quayum Asafa for traffic violation and in a drama like scene, Johnson started driving recklessly in order to escape contravention and in the process ran over the officer.

”The deceased was rushed down to Germaine Hospital where he later died as a result of injuries sustained from the accident while the corpse was deposited at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital, Ikeja for autopsy.”
He continued that the female banker, on realising what she had done, ran from the scene of the incident into Ikota Estate, Ajah with the security men subsequently shutting the gate permanently.

He continued: “The situation became riotous as the security attached to the gate refused all pleas to open the gate until the intervention of the Area Commander in charge of Area J, Mr Felix Vwahmi, mobilised and called for backup before access could be gained into the Estate… The suspect was finally arrested and taken to Ajiwe Police station from where she was transferred to the Criminal Investigative Department, Panti for further interrogation.”


  1. For a woman,that was too reckless and heartless. Wilful disobedience,dangerous driving,lack of regards for life and heartlessness. She must be very heady. She must be one of those women that hv high connection,but it be very bad if d govt and d LASTMA allow her go free. Her offences are quadriple:driving against traffic,refusing arrest,killing an officer while trying to escape and finally causing commotion in course of escaping. God help us. On d other hand,LASTMA officials shd not be risking their lives. How many hv bn killed and wounded recently? There is need to apply caution while performing ur duties;U must be alive to coninue serving,and also remember ur loved ones.

  2. i would advice that she should be punished according to the Lagos state law as provided for such offence as her’s… This is bcos it could happen to anybody…

  3. These accusations are false. The facts are

    1) her car was stationery and there was a Another lastma official with her in the car when it happened

    2) the deceased was killed by a run away Danfo.

    3) her car bears no sign of impact.

    4) there are eye witness that confirmed the danfo commited the offence.

    This mother of three was wrongfully accused. We know we don’t have justice in Nigeria but this is way over board.

  4. it is unfortunate that in Nigeria people are so eager to accuse each other without verifying the facts, If you check the LASTMA website you will see the picture of the bankers car as it was about to be towed away! So how could she have entered again, knock down the official and ran away??? Lets us verify facts properly before condemning anybody because it could be you!!!

  5. We have to be logical in some issues,Every body will accuse the woman just because the Lastma official was crushed or knocked down by the woman,but they can not go that extent they went in accusing the woman to find out the major cause of the lastmas Death,If care is not taking the lastma official was the the cause of his crush.please,we have to get reasonable and logical facts before any condemnations because we can also be in such mess someday.

  6. For a fine of #50,000, I would crush any Lastma official standing in front of my car. The lagos state govt puts revenue generation above everything else, and when a punishment has a possibility of bankrupting the offender, you’d defend yourself at any cost.
    This is what happens when the legislathieves make law, without considering the populace. A fine of #50,000 for a traffic offence, when the minimum wage is #18,000, absolutely senseless.

  7. What has being a woman got to do with this? Crime is respite of gender. A crime has been committed here, let us address it as such and stop whooping unnecessary sentiments!

  8. I have not for once supported the Idea of traffic officials standing in front of a car in order to make the driver stop! Life is much more valuable in as much as they try to do their job effectively. And if the lady is guilty of the offense, she should be adequately punished

  9. Pls, do not believe these rogues on our road, i had similar experienced but in my own case i did not knock anybody down. Since the intro of fashola bill they have been seizing every opportunity to extort from every innocent citizens who become victims. I don’t believe any of their stories, they are bunch of rogue.

  10. There are so many accusation on part of Lastma,s officer of unethical behaviour, so they can not be trusted for their allegation.More of this type of manslaughter wiil come as new traffic laws take effect,with their AMBUSH technique.

  11. this is what i have been telling the ekstma boys and girls, do not risk your life in the line of duty. it is not worth it. where in the world do you see traffic officials dying like these?….please please the woman must be released and set free and it IS the fault of the LASTMA official….

  12. Dear All, I am sure we have all heard the story going round about the Banker who allegedly killed a lastma officer. Eye witnesses on the scene insist that the lastma official was in fact knocked down by a danfo bus he was trying to accost after he arrested the Banker for a traffic offence and whose car was about being towed as can be seen from the picture on the lastma website. Lastma is trying to skew the story as murder and she is currently in detention. Please note that I have seen her car and it doesn’t have a single dent on it. Kindly spread the word and encourage eye witnesses to come forward and give statements at Panti. She is a mother of 3 (including a 2mth old baby who is with her in detention). It could be anyone.

  13. This story isn’t true. The man was run over by a danfo driver he was trying to stop as well. She was about to be towed and her car was stationary. Pls eye witnesses, come out and say the truth so that this innocent woman can be released. The tow-van driver should b asked what he saw.

  14. Its nt true,she didn’t do it,instead of dem to go n luk 4 d danfo driver,dey r busy accussin an innocent woman of wat she didn’t do,its nt fair.Nigeria system is so dirty,frm d lowest rank to d highest rank der r little or no men of integrity.its a pity.may God deliver us

  15. Let’s us all wait for the ”Outopsy 1st. B4 we wl start our judgement.let’s us nt jst blame the woman nobdy drive’s to kill is an accident that occur.i believ in wat SALLY ND OLAIDE SAY

  16. For every LASTMA official killed, i give glory to God. Hand dey touch them one by one. Do we know how many people these LASTMA people have led to their early grave? I am a victim of LASTMA and i thank God today i am alive. I dont own a car but a passenger in a bus when it happened. LASTMA official with a tear gas. God will continue to purnish them. This story of a woman killing the man is not true.

  17. Nobody should blame this lady, I will do worst. Since LASMA can’t control traffic on our roads rather they are looking for offenders on our highway. Most of them will die, until Lagos state government decides to, improve our roads, teach this officials of theirs ways of controlling traffic and also teach them how to assist motorist when they are in difficulty. The lady only acted in self defence.

  18. Am not a Lagosian neitgher have I ever set foot to Lagos but what I hear of Last ma and the oppression in high handedness of her officials is nothing good to write home about. For God sake let us not let them finish the life of this woman if she is not responsible for the murder because it is not an easy case. I pity her if it be that she’s not really guilty of such offence.

  19. The LASG as a matter of urgency do something about the so called rogues called LASMA. They have totally consituted a public nuisance. Rather than them doing what they are set up to do, instead they trick motorist and collect bribe from them. A LASTMA official jumped in front of my vehicle last week around Ketu bus stop. To be sincere, i was ready to hit him over, if he had not run off. They should be cautioned. They are a menace to the society at large. Can you imagine they go as far as removing one way signs on the road to confuse motorist, so that they can extort them. Enough is enough. If anyone comes to my front, i will hit him over


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