Former Kwara State Governor, Saraki, to Be Arraigned Over N11 Billion – Police

Information emerging from police quarters has revealed that former Kwara State Governor (now senator), Bukola Saraki, might soon be taken to court over fraud cases involving over N11 billion.

According to the police Commissioner Special Fraud Unit in Lagos, Mr. Ayotunde Ogunsakin, during a press briefing with journalists on Wednesday, the delay in the case is to ensure that the investigation is thorough so that the prosecution is not thrown out by a court on a technicality.

According to him, as a matter that involves an important personality and some other individuals, the Saraki case cannot be hidden: “It’s not that we have refused to prosecute him, you must be aware that we are doing a very extensive and painstaking investigation, we don’t want a situation where we rush him to court and the case will be thrown out.”

He also assured that the security intelligence have carried out extensive investigation and it involves a lot of work, stressing that the investigation is almost concluded, “The whole world we know when we conclude the investigation. It’s not a case that can be hidden as it involves an important personality and some other individuals. So we are doing a painstaking and intensive investigation so as not to get to court unprepared. That’s all I can tell you. We want to be as diligent as possible.”


  1. Things like this makes me sad, the people of kwara state are so poor that they find it very difficult to have access to good health care, yet just one man is taking everything. Well you have to be strong to pull this one because poverty have made the kwarans to be scared of the saraki family. This family is more like the untouchable and are above the law in kwara state.

  2. If these issue of this man can be traced to logical conclusions, that is when I will believed that the Nigeria have laws and the laws are not make to oppressed the common man. pls and pls let your agency be the last hope for common man. thanks


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