Freedom At Last For Girl Who Was Held Captive For Two Years, Beaten And Gave Birth To Her Captor’s Baby

A teenage girl who disappeared more than two years ago escaped this week from a home where she had been held captive, beaten and repeatedly raped.

The seventeen-year-old who told police in Washington Park, Illinois that she was raped by her captor, fell pregnant and had a baby during a horrific two-year ordeal was listed a missing or runaway juvenile on April 6, 2010 in St Louis, Missouri, close to the state line. She was 15 years old when she disappeared.

Rescued: The teenager’s baby is carried away by the SWAT team after the rescue operation

A boy, aged 16, was also removed from the home in his school uniform, according to The teenager and the toddler were later turned over to the Illinois Department of Children and Family

Local children look on as SWAT teams swarm the home in Washington Park, Illinois, next to a Mobil garage, where girl was held for two years and repeatedly raped

The teenage girl told police she was held against her will and was beaten and sexually assaulted almost every day. It is not known how she came into contact with her captors. She reported trying to escape several times but told police that her captor chased her down each time and forced her back to the home at gunpoint. She told police she was able to escape this week with the help of a relative.

House of horrors: The girl was held against her will as this home in Washington Park, Illinois and repeatedly sexually attacked and beaten

But a neighbor, Lakeitha Smith, doubts the girl’s story as she told several local TV stations that she used to see the girl from time to time outside the house and never witnessed anything that would raise concern. In her words, ‘I used to see her come out of the house, back and forth… I didn’t think she was being held hostage in the house.’

A 24-year old man who was in the house has been arrested in connection with the case.

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