Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah to star in Nigeria’s first 3D movie

Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah is set to star in Nigeria’s first ever 3D movie . The producer Egor Efiok said that the movie, Mystery Beads tells a story of a string of spiritual beads stolen from the museum and given out to different people all of who escape its wrath until it gets to the last person, who unknowingly fancied and decide to keep it.

Explaining why the movie was shot on 3D, the producer said, (it is) ‘to enhance the quality of the movie and make believable the scenes which would have frightful effects on the audience.’Other  actors to star in the movie are,Joseph Akahome, Belinda Effah, G-lory, Emeka Amene, Anthony Monjaro.


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