“Go to CNN or BBC ,if you like”, Chris Okotie to ex-wife, Stephanie Henshaw

The Founder of the Household of God Church, Reverend Chris Okotie, talked about his estranged wife ,Stephanie Henshaw during the Sunday service,on August 12,2012. It wasn’t pleasant.

He told his congregation that if Stephanie liked – she could go to CNN or BBC, but that he would never take her back and compared her to the biblical Jezebel and categorically said that if other men of God do not judge he, okotie will do just that.

It is also rumoured that Rev. Okotie has also taken back some gifts he gave Stephanie when they were together including the Benz S class he gave her as wedding gift and the BmwX6 he gave her on her birthday. It is said that both cars have been repainted and number plates changed.



  1. Am such that, is not the pastor that post it on air. Because that I will advise both of them not to say word to the public because it may cause some young believers to backslide forsake of winning souls to GOD ALMIGHTY. They should use their maturity very well as to swallow their pains and forgive each other.
    Remember, “its for the church to jugde the world and not the to jugde the church”. Thanks.

  2. Chris u ought to be ashamed to call ur self a man of God. A gift should nt be taken back even if returned to u, u shame ur self publicly by scandalizing d woman dat has been by ur Side 4 years!
    your actions proves how immature and irresponsible u are & quite frankly ur not fit to stand on dat pulpit.
    obviously u don’t read ur bible, so go ahead & judge. Pegan

  3. Some people’s comments are quite irritating here. Well, I can’t blame those people calling pastor Chris Okotie names simply because they might be ignorant of wat a woman can do. For a man of his type to divorce and suggests his former wife is a biblical Jezebel, is not a joke. Women are so wicked and devilish in nature. Especially wen they are sent to destroy the man. My only advice to Chris is dat he should keep mute on the matter. Because the more he comments on dat, the more people will say all sorts of things. Meanwhile, women shuld try and work on their characters.

  4. Well , this is quite illusional , i think what he did was right , who knows the woman might be sent to destroy him and the ministry but on the contrary for chris to be discussing it publicly is not wise enough

  5. ITESHI I believe people are allowed to point out there views as de see fit. And also wat u call “irritating comment” is wat uv actually stated above in correction of d “man of God’s” utterances
    Generalizing wat u don’t know about d “man of God’s” ex to other women is just lame! cos 1 way or another, u have a woman in ur life and wouldn’t want dem to be referred to in dat manner

  6. To be frank, i wonder the kind of mush room men of god s pranging up from every cranny. If the so called pastor Chris okotie can boldly collect back the gift he gave to his wife, he should immediately return back all the gift his church members has ever given him as the head of his so called church. He is not practicing what he preaches.

  7. Collecting what you’ve already bought for her is not just bad, its childish. Never knew some old men can still behave childish. It means you never really gave those things from your heart. I thing Mr chris Needs to PRAY for God’s direction and we christians should all pray for him too.

  8. So even pastors do divorce their wives. These pastors that are commiting scandals here and there are the same pastors that preach and want people 2 live by example made by them. You either hear them divorcing their wives or impregnatin people daughters or impregnating their daughters or encouraging same sex marriage in some places. Wonder what christanity is turning into.

  9. Those dat are sayng dat dis so called man of God has reasons to divorce twice should give thier lives for Jesus b/cos its obvious they dnt know nor undastnd anything as far as d word of God is concern. Apart 4rm being d preacher of d word,any heaven bound believer wil neva think of divorce for God hate divorce read malachi 2vs14-17. It is clear dat dis man is nt yet ready to make heaven I wonder wat a true believer will be doing in his so called a church! They are just dancing their way to hell. May God deliver d members of his church.

  10. It is a pity to read this about Chris,let me just remove the word “pastor” because by his actions,he does not deserve it.How many divorces has he had in how many years?Something is really wrong with him.And now going public with your divorce affairs & withdrawing his gifts from the woman.It is never done.It is childish & absolute pettiness.May God have mercy on him and show him the light.

  11. I dnt think he s a true man of God if he s the bible make us to undersand that divorce is a painful thing in d sight of God thats why God ask us to make up wen we ve misunderstanding wit our partner even on the ground of infidelity.forgiveness n love s Go

  12. Diz man no try woooo….. How will a man of God announce the divorce of his wife? If the woman was sent to destroy him and the church, as a man of God, God have given him power to deliver her and make her a born again not to send her away, supposing the woman is sent to destroy him and he now sent her away, the question is, were is he sending her to? I guess to go ahead and destroy other people since she can’t destroy him. If that’s the case how is he suppose to win souls to heaven or he’s own church is meant for preaching only on earth not a path to heaven for his congregations….. Men 4rm the too much tory wey I don dey read about diz man…… I don’t know what to believe again ooooo….. May God come to our aid.