Cancer: Government And Rich Nigerians Look The Other Way As Ordinary Nigerians Lead The Way

What the government won’t do by delivering quality and affordable health care services, and what the affluent in society won’t do, Nigerians would do, have done and are still doing in their own little ways. Leading the pack are young Nigerians who have carved a niche for themselves in the entertainment sub-sector.


It’s almost on a weekly basis now that the social media is inundated with Nigerians who are critically ill and in need of finance to take care of their hospital bills. From children to adults, from men to women, they cried for help, and ordinary Nigerians from all works of life donated their widow’s mite irrespective of tribe or religion. How much are these hospital bills that individuals who are well to do can afford without batting an eye-lid? How much does it cost to build a world class medical centre and equip it with state of the art modern medical gadgets and equipments? How much does it take to train qualified Nigerians to handle this euipments?

Nigerians in their numbers are afflicted with various life-threatening ailments that could have been quickly and easily detected and treatment commenced forthwith but for the unavailability of the requisite technology; the man-power I believe, is there. Most of our so called ‘big-men’ are only after their selfish and illegal acquisition of wealth and our collective patrimony looted by a select few while the majority live in squalor and die of misery  and penury.

I paint the above scenario so we can appreciate the enviable and highly appreciable role played by Nigerian entertainers in contributing their hard earned resources towards the treatment of sick Nigerians. They do not owe us nor anyone for that matter if they choose to look the other way while people die of diseaes as a result of lack of finance but in their magnanimity, they’ve chosen the wise choice of playing the good samaritan and most times, without media publicity.

Are the Nigerian entertainers taking over? Are we going to get to a point where whenever another Nigerian takes ill and cries for help but no Nigerian singer or actor/actress donates a dime, we will crucify them? In light of the above, much love and appreciation goes to Davido who yesterday morning donated one million naira to Debbie, the lady with stage four cancer who needs surgery as soon as possible. Banky W, who’s currently away in the US, is also making a huge donation to Debbie. Meanwhile, Ruggedman was the first entertainer to reach out to the cancer patient and so far, they have between them raised the sum of N2.6 million since going public some days back.

Ruggedman: First To Reach Out To Debbie
Davido When He Went To Visit Debbie
BankyW: Away In The US But Making An Impact At Home


Don Jazzy: Made A Donation Of N2 million Last Week To Another Patient
Ruky Sanda: Joined Fellow Actress Tonto Dikeh In Making A Donation Of N1 million Last Week To Another Cancer Patient In Need Of Surgery
Tonto Dikeh: Together With Fellow Actress Ruky Sanda Made A Donation Of N1 million Last Week To Another Cancer Patient In Need Of Surgery

However, Debbie still needs our help as the sum of N3.4million is the balance remaining to enable her get comprehensive treatment and hopefully , get back on her feet. So, please lets keep the donations coming as we show the world that we are indeed our brothers and sisters keeper.

God bless you all and please, keep Debbie and every other sick Nigerian in dire need of help in your prayers!

Debbie’s account info…

Bank: Access bank
Account no: 0000216933
Account name: Idiagbonya Osarere.
Sortcode – 044150039