“How My Husband Beats Me” – Zaaki Azzay’s Wife

There appears to be no end in sight for the exchange of words between torch-light wielding musician, Zaaki Azzay and his estranged wife, Hadiza following their bitter separation. Barely a week after the news of their separation broke online, both parties have not hesitated to tell their sides of the ugly story, including bedroom details.

While Zaaki has said very little, his scorned wife says she was a victim of spousal abuse for eight years. Hadiza, who is currently sheltered by Project Alert, a non-governmental agency tasked with protecting the bodily integrity of women in Nigeria, said she left home on the 17th of April because of the beatings she constantly received from her husband.

According to her, she moved out of their Gbadaga, Lagos, home after he struck her for the eighth time. “I left on my own accord, he never sent me packing,” Hadiza said. “The very day he beat me up, I was asleep in my children’s room, because two months back, we had stopped sleeping together. I felt safer there because he seldom touches me when the children are around.”

Hadiza, who is presently fighting for the custody of her children, also revealed that after the birth of their last child, the singer was pained about the fact that she bore him two girls and refused to pay the hospital bills.

“His excuse was that while other women were giving birth to boys, I was giving birth to women. He always says people tell him my children look like my siblings and that he would not be shocked to find out that it was my brother that impregnated me.

“Whenever he starts beating me, it seems as if there is a spirit inside him,” she added.

Here is Zaaki’s side of the story: in defense, the singer said Project Alert and his estranged wife are trying to mock him on the Internet. He did not make any reference to the wife beating accusations.

“I’m surprised that Project Alert, or whatever they call themselves, and the person who ran away from her matrimonial home months back and who came back with hefty looking thugs in a black unregistered car, beat up and injured my cousin on her way back from picking the kids from school and forcefully adopted my children, then went to court after doing that, and now run to the press and post so many statements to tarnish my image on the Internet,” Zaki said in a statement.

He said he would not give her the opportunity for cheap publicity: “A good lawyer should fight this case in court and not on the pages of newspapers. I am happy with some of the responses they are getting on the internet,” he said.


  1. It our God that do gives children not of man. Now forget whatever ur wife might hv dne wrong.cling on to yo wife, go to her and perform your diuties versatily.surely the next one may be tripet of boys.may God help u amen.

  2. Has this zaaki any education and fear of God in him at ll? the sex of the baby lies more on the man than lady. its what u gave that u get and moreover Allah alone gives children. pl leave d poor lady alone.

  3. I’m disappointed by zaki action if d story is true, only a foolish man will raise his hand on a woman. Beating is not d last option, u really fuck up Zaki


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