“Her beauty has the power to destroy the self-esteem of a nation ” Rihanna on Beyonce

Guess who’s Beyonce’s super fan ? It’s Rihanna !  An adoring Rihanna took to Twitter to gush about Beyonce’s beauty and even admit she feels a little insecure compared to her.Rihanna described Beyonce as the perfect woman. Millions of women all over the world would kill to look like Beyonce and Rihanna also admitted that in the tweet below ;


  1. I kinda agree wif RiRi aldo i fink tz mr of an exagerration, i min, beyoncé is very beautiful and she has a great body. That culd cause a lot of young girls and ladies,even women feel insecure bout their own bodies which also represents low self esteem. I blv dt jus dt i dnt blv a whole nation….ahnahn, dt 1 is too much ohh…