Hillary Clinton will be Visiting Nigeria – Reuben Abati

Amidst several rumours about the United States Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s, exemption of Nigeria from her trip around Africa, information emerging from the presidency has cleared the air on the matter. According to the Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, Mrs. Hillary Clinton will be paying a visit to Nigeria on Thursday, 9th August, 2012.

Dr Abati urged Nigerians to disregard the rumour that Mrs. Clinton had excluded Nigeria from the list of African countries she was billed to visit. He said the American Secretary of State is expected to meet President Jonathan on how to elevate the status of US relations with Nigeria.

The president’s spokesperson further disclosed that he had already received a request from the American Embassy seeking for accreditation of the members of her entourage. According to him, “the reports in the media in the last few days that Clinton will not visit Nigeria because Jonathan travelled to Trinidad and Tobago as well as Jamaica are not true… These stories about Clinton not visiting Nigeria are not true; she is visiting the country on August 9 and will meet with the President.”

The American Secretary of State is currently on a 10-day working visit to Africa, and it is expected that her stop in Nigeria is particularly linked with the security challenges which the country is currently facing.


  1. Take a look at what will go out of our treasury for this singular visit.our dishonest people will enrich themselves with the tax payer’s money just because we have an august visitor.but hardly can the american govt buy a pure water for jonathan to cool off his drying throat when he travel there .we have to obtain loan from imf to entertain our visitor. What a man inhumanity to man! GOD will judge you all

  2. Mrs.Hillary Clinton is a moderate Lady and not to be compaired with any of these lavish gogos and gagas. Her journey will cost Nigeria only the highest security measures. Nothing should happen to her. Such personality and her entourage always have their Food and water or the US Embassy in Nigeria must have arranged everything for them. Nigeria is an Hungry and Thirsty country (No Food, no Water, no Light) When your representatives come abroad, they are looking for food and water first, that is why the americans do not give your Jonathan pure water, he has enough oil at home, let him go and drink his petroleum.


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