I Can’t Sleep With A Producer For Fame, But… – Actress Hannah Ojo

Wonderfully tall and sizzling hot Hannah Ojo, who hails from Ekiti State, talks about her challenges and love for acting.

Are you ready to pay the price to become a star?
When you talk about paying price, I have been doing that since 2005. It is not easy as I said but it has to do with determination. I could have said okay I want to turn back after two years that nothing came out of it but I saw that there is something in me that really want to go ahead. I have paid the price in terms of money and I am still willing to pay more prices.What do you mean by paying money?
Actually, in some productions, you would be asked to pay and register under them to be a member before they would start giving you jobs. There are so many productions like that, where you pay and at the end of the day, they would not do anything. They would give you scripts, you waste your time to study it, to go for rehearsals and at the end of day, they would not do it. It might take you two weeks to go for rehearsals consistently, but at the end, your money and energy would be wasted.

You said that you are ready to pay more prices, if you are to sleep with a producer or director, would you do that?No, I won’t do that. I have had stuffs like that but I turned back because I didn’t want to get famous through that means.

Are you aware that if you don’t do that you would remain where you are?
Yes, you may remain where you are but not forever. If you are very good, even if it is little jobs that you are doing, at a time, you would blow as long as producers or directors are satisfied with your jobs.

Since 2005 till date, how many movies have you acted?
I have done three movies and so many soap operas. I did My Story, Wrong Passion, Edge Of Paradise, Needle’s Eye, Burning Spear, Private Sector, Clinic Matters and many others.


  1. Actually curruption is nigerian phenomena, sleeping,fucking affairs with producer or director are still under curruption which GOD does not support, some people do that to achieve their needs but at the end such achievement sources would perish, not to rejoice about, and i belief those producer and director do such things will not go scort free this life and heaven GOD will punish them according to their doing. but 4 u it is adviseable you should not succumb.

  2. This unscrupuluous and dastardly act is prevalent in our movie industries and is taking its toll uncontrollabily. Am sure with people like this chaste actress who resisted these producers and directors, one day the system would cleansed to its glory.


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