I will arrest anyone who disturb Muslims in Rivers – Amaechi

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The Rivers state Governor and chairman of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has warned that he will arrest anybody or group that disturbs Muslims during worship in the state.

Mr Amaechi, gave the warning while speaking at a Thanksgiving service of the third session synod of church of Nigeria.

He said “Anybody who disturbs the Muslim from worshipping in his mosque here in Rivers State, I will arrest the person. Muslims should be allowed to practice their religion, just as we (Christians) should be allowed to practice our religion anywhere, or in any part of the world.

“As the Chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) what I will preach here is that there is need for peace in the whole country. There is need for peace and how we go about that is for the government to sit with the citizens on how to go about that peace”, he said.

Mr Amaechi added that the NGF will continue to preach peace and unity amongst Christians and Muslims across the country.

He said the church has a great role to play especially through what the church leaders preach to their congregation.

Source: Channels TV

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  1. Amaechi u are just a big fool
    did u know how many christains have been killed @ d north?
    How many northern governor has come to say dat he will arrest any body dat disturbs christains frm practising thier religion.
    If u don’t have anything to say u beta shot up ur mouth mumu.

  2. Ours is always different bcos of love for power, Odili did d same tin bcos he wnt to b vice presi, nw u again????. No wahala o, sell us.


  4. he did d ryt thing. Dis shows dat we xtains hs a pure heart 4 oda religions bt d next tin he shld do z 2 call on d northern governors 2 carry awt dsame oda nd kip security watch ova churches and christain homes

  5. Your life is meaningless and i pity you somuch that when u are been trained,by God’s grace you will be the first governor to be blown into pieces.
    Foolish fool. Your statement will give boko boldness to start mass killing from ur state.
    Thats y we muslims are well organised. Been the governor’s chairman,y can’t u fish out those killing eastherners and xtains from worship.
    My name is ak50 aka isah usuf abubakr
    Amaechi,u are an inbeside.1st war easterners lossed.2nd 1 to come u will also help us so that u ppl losse again and final since ojukwu is gone forever.
    Amaechi na mumu governor.thank almighty allah for chenchengi,dangote gov aliyu(niger),jang,etc that will order any amouth of sofisticated weapon in containers.

  6. Moslems are hppy for Amaechi’s statement.And also hppy any time bomb is been trown in churches. Amaechi don’t hear and doen’st understand want moslems(terrorists) are up to because he(Amachi) since been surrounded with numerous securities,thought his life is guaranteed.thank God they have started louches rockets so that they can strike from far distance. We are waiting ….

  7. My Brothers killings Christains in their Chuches is unislamic and inlam doest advice to kill christain.if you go back into history of islam during you will discovered that the relationship between Muslim & Christain waz very Good.E.g when Meccan Pegans whant to killed prophet Muhammad followers PBUH he sent them to one Christain’s King in Ethopia.am assure u that 98% of muslims we are not supporting All this Attacks,I don’t think Boko Haram will be more than 2% of muslims populations in North.Thank u

  8. mr jabir we know but (Amachi) shouldn’t have make say that!what if something bad start happening with people in river nobody will what to be listen that the people in river state are innocent!!! that can lead to something else.Really verger is of God! Amachi watch your mouth

  9. know something that we are now observing
    the muslim in dis word are trying to make dis foolish problem down in other to find peace in the community. but other cristain among you are now trying to rise up certain problem again due to the mis undst. Islam esterblish peace to the community. U have to make dis ubservation by urs my Brother’s Nigerian

  10. Nigerians unite against corruption,violence,killing in the name of religion.If you want to fight against Boko Haram come to the north instead of staying in your state &insult other people religion.pray for Nigeria&everybody.

  11. Rotimi, Azubuike, Abubakar Agberu Amaechi is only a Supreme court appointed gov. Is Amaechi now a state policeman to arrest anti boko haram in Rivers state? He can not even sort out RSUT. or fix Eneka road or collapsing building in Ekire street..
    Gov Omehia is our democratically elected Gov. We want him back in power.Amaechi has K leg.

  12. Hi every1, Rotimi did d rite tin. If dis Boko Haram of a people realise dat their people ar nt killed, they may av a recourse of mind nd may hand ova their weapons. Pls, dnt insult d Governor. He knws ot he z doin. Pls

  13. I dont just know dis issue of Boko Haram dat turn to anothr thing dat xristian are calling all Muslim terrorist. Islam is peace. Islam forbids Muslim 4rm fighting or Militancy against any religion God the most high says Qur 60 vs 8″as such of the unbelievers dat do not fight U ON acount of ur faith, and neither drive you 4rm homelands, God does not forbids u show them kindness and to behave towards them with full equity 4 verily God loves those who act equitably. so dis Boko Haram ppl I dont think they are muslim perharp they re politician or non muslim to cause Religion crisis U can’t see muslim to be killing ppl anyhw nobody can assist God couz there is no probability dat they can’t convert to Islam. pls stop calling all muslim terrorist can u imagine dis ppl said western education is forbid and they re using technological instrument dis issue is lack of understand of Religion as a Islam.


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