I Would Build The “Baddest” Performing Arts School In Nigeria– TuFace

Before you get too excited by the headline and start commenting, this was a response by Tuface to a hypothetical question of “if you were given US$10million, what would you do?”

In an interview monitored on urban music channel SoundCity, Tuface spoke on a range of issues from making slight joke about his bald head, to music, to love and his most cherished piece of clothing.

When asked about his view on love, Tuface had this to say, “ wow! Love is powerful… it is one of the most genuine feelings…”

Innocent “TuFace” Idibia

He also spoke on some of his memories of growing up. According to the ‘Enter The Place’ singer, “…I think I was a very friendly person… I didn’t look like a bully, was very friendly, I was a joker”.

On his favorite piece of clothing, he says it is a navy blue Versace top which he’s had now for two years but has worn only once. With all the clothes he has I am not surprised he has worn that particular shirt just once.



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