“If elRufai were President of Nigeria, what would he do?”

Every time Nasir el-Rufai opens his mouth, to be frank, I get a bit irritated. I’m sure I am not alone in this feeling of repulsion, after all, el-Rufai is there on public record for being one of the leading civil servants under Obasanjo that misappropriated his power for the betterment of his family and cronies. Yet he would have many believe he is a saint. And whilst he has pulled together a large fan base by courting needless sympathy for his travails under Yar’adua and admiration for his public criticisms of the Jonathan administration, he has not done so on merit.

The only reason a flock of mindless Nigerian sheep gather behind el-Rufai is due to their collective disdain for Jonathan and due to their selective amnesia on who the man actually is.

One cannot imagine my joy as I read Doyin Okupe’s statement on el-Rufai this morning. The newly appointed Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs had a lot of intelligent things to ask Nasir or Nasiru or @elrufai or whatever he calls himself.

For the purpose of thoroughness, lets visit Mr. Okupe’s entire remarks. He said, “El-Rufai is my younger brother. I have so much respect for him. But politics is more or less derailing or deranging him. Everybody knows that insurgency is a very difficult national problem. It is not anything peculiar to Nigeria. No responsible citizen of any of those countries affected by insurgency before called on their Presidents to resign.

“When he talks about intelligence, there is no better security in any country than by the people of the country. It is communal security that will help government and security agencies to root out insurgency. If people shielded insurgents, they make the works of security agencies more difficult.

“Can President Goodluck Jonathan be in Borno and everywhere at the same time? I believe that people just want to play politics. All what you are hearing is just the manipulation of the present situation to suit their political purposes.

“I am sure that my brother, el-Rufai is hopeful to be a presidential candidate of one of the parties very soon. What I will expect him to do with the level of intellect, intelligence and the resource that has been given to his own personal education is to come out with some reasonable plans, some suggestions, and not just criticising government for criticism’s sake.

“If el-Rufai were President of Nigeria, what would he do? He should say that. Or is he keeping that until when he becomes the President by which time the whole country would have been wiped off? When tragedy befalls a country, responsible men and women of that country forget partisanship and rally round their nation and they try their best to help existing government to tackle that. Once that is over, they go back to politics. This is not time for politics.

“Every man or woman who politicises this issue of Boko Haram, people should disregard and discard whatever information they hear from them. They are not serious-minded people.”

Okupe in those few sentences has thoroughly addressed the issue of political parasites like elRufai. Critics who proffer no solution to our country’s deep challenges and run to social media to cry wolf whenever they simply sight SSS operatives at the airport.

Well, as long as patriotic, well-meaning Nigerians are alive, people like elRufai will never become president of this country, unless he was to come back reincarnated when everybody would have forgotten that he is no Saint compared to the likes of Jonathan.

However lets just wildly imagine for a second that such a political jobber was President, what would he offer? Why doesn’t Mr. Elrufai just tell us by himself.

I am dead certain he is going to read this particular article. I always have toruble reading his, maybe because of my general disdain for the fellow.

No matter the case, he seems to always pick holes in State budgets and say what is wrong with them. Well let him proffer solutions to the Boko Haram menace.

Many Nigerians suspect Boko Haram is just an operation sponsored by a bunch of aggrieved old cargo politicians upset that a Southern Christian is ruling over the Nation.

What is elRufai’s take on this suspicion? Was he asleep when Northern ‘elders‘ like Ciroma vowed to make Nigeria ungovernable for GEJ should he win the election?

Was he asleep when successive Northern leaders failed to provide basic amenities and services for their people, and contributed to the decline and the socio-economic misfortunes of the North?

Where was he when virtually all the Northern governors under Obasanjo were looting their treasuries dry and contributing to the poverty and resentment that fuel the recruitment drive of the Boko Haram sponsors?

Personally I think if elRufai was president, he wouldn’t have any solutions and that is why he cannot proffer any now.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely and I think elRufai would be drunk from power if he was President.

After all, simply coming out of Zaria with a 1st class result, ending up as a minister, and having tens of thousands of followers on Twitter has caused him to have delusions of grandeur.

Source: Dailypost.com.ng


  1. Abasi innoho idiok umam nnuk ; meaning- God in His wisdom does not endow a wicked animal with extra horns.
    For God so loved Nigeria that He has not allowed wolves in sheep clothing to mount the saddle !

  2. Why is it that anytime someone makes comment about Jonathan’s incompetence you sacophants condemn the person in favour of Jonathan? I do not blame the writer of this article, because he/she is at the corridor of power now. El Rufai has a very good legacy in the history of Nigeria as far as the development of Abuja is concerned. Especially in mass transit sector; this has direct positive impact on the lives of the poor masses. On the other hand, what legacy that has direct positive impact on the poor masses can someone brag of in this unbearable administration of Jonathan? Hike of fuel, kerosine, number plates, driver’s licence, electricity tariff, etc? Or engrossment of corruption and killing of innocent Nigerians under the disguise of boko haram? Is there any bearing of resuscitating the refineries as he promised for the reason behind the removal of fuel subsidy? During the administration of El Rufai, the corrupt elites and politicians were not comfortable with his mission to curb their corruptable tendency. The masses were comfortable with him. That is the type of government Nigeria needs. Jonathan administration is for the comfortability of the corrupt elites and politicians at the detriment of the poor masses. May God save, help and bless nigeria and her helpless citizenry! Amen.

  3. El-Rufai is just seeking to be noticed. El-Rufai is a disgrace to this nation because he is nothing but a failure. As a Federal Minister of the FCT, he failed to profer solution to the problems of the residents of Abuja rather he prefer to demolish hundreds and thousands of houses and created poverty amongst the masses. He was in a better position to advise Obasanjo well but he prefer to do the harm. Even when the United Nations opted to rebuild the houses demolished by El-Rufai ignorance, he prefer to go ahead and deny the masses the opportunity of Govt/Owners partnership scheme which would have been a plus to his administration. Yes, I agree with Okupe because if El-Rufai had anothing good for this country, he would have come up with a probable solution for the Boko Haram insurgency and not sit at the fence to critise JEG government. The North created Boko Haram and am surprised El-Rufai has termed it a national insurgency instead of Northern insurgency. Time will indeed surely tell and the likes of El-Rufai cannot rule Nigeria, shikena.

  4. The goat who wrote this article, chewed on some grass, unfortunately the wrong one & got high in the process. What nerve… Calling people mindless. Have u yourself addresses any of the issues which el-rufai raises. Unfortunately, u’re as stupidly influenced by politics as u so claime el-rufai is. These are the crop of people who fail to realize that people are dying everyday while Jonathan and people like Okupe make excuses. Perhaps until the whole population is cleaned out, then realization would set in.

  5. @ OB and Faruk, with some level of sincerity, you guys know that the writer is correct. What solution have they proffered to help the situation of our country or is it only to criticise? we are’nt forgetting something here, are we? well if some of you are let me give you a flashback of the threats to make the country ungovernable for Mr. President. We can’t deny the fact that those threats are the reality of the menace we are seeing today. My candid advise; WATCH IT! when you make comments on this issue, do your little part to contribute positively to your immediate society and always pray for Nigeria.

  6. Crappy article. When el-rufai makes a statement, they jump to it but when Asari Dokubo promise war, they ignore it. Biased minds. El-rufai gave his own opinion, so what’s the big deal? Here’s my own opinion too… Jonathan should resign and go into exile if he can’t handle the insecurity in the nation. Or why else hasn’t he gone to Borno state? Aren’t they citizens of Nigeria?

  7. Thank u Author dnt mind Mutana faruk n My name.for them to b waggin their mouth. In the real sense whu is ElRufai in NIGERIA who is him let him hide himsef cus is nt onli JONATHAN that has rule this country others PRESIDENT has rules nd also fail tu carry out their Duties.so u guy’s shuld beta hang it n respect ur sef idiot.

  8. All our leader’s are bird of the same feeder.pls my fellow Nigerian most especialy muslim’s brother let us oportunity of this LAILA TUL QUA’DRI to pray for the betterness of our great Nation.Great Nation, Great peaple, with poor leader’s and miss aggrandize.

  9. Well a problem for one is a problems for all,Please if any body knows the absolute solution to solve this mess boko haram insurgency in her dear country lets him/her come out openly and tells Nigerians Or Mr President How he/she ll takes solve the problem once and for all not to play a political ideology on vital menace issues troubling Nigeria¡ Please am begging Both young and old …May God Bless Nigeria!

  10. Though I’m quite agree with the writer because he’s somehow maintained objectivity in his write-up. Yet, let’s be frank, GEJ does not deserv our support based on his own personality,attitude or readiness to do poor nigerians good. Let’s put BOKO HARAM saga aside, is there any succesful good project on ground since his administration coming to power? absolutely NO. Rather, he prefers frustrating masses with one anti masses project today and another one or even two tommorow. This is a glaring fact I think no reasonable person in his right sense can dispute. Infact, with due respect, insensitivity of GEJ can be vividly seen in his wife attitude whose priority, @ this deteriorating stage of the nation, is agitating for the constitutionalising of the first lady post basicaly to benefit from the retirement entitlement.What a foolish and insensitive claim !.Finaly let GEJ embark on implementation of good project and he’ll surely get support of well meaning nigerians

  11. gen has never delivered on any of his promises, he is a disgrace to nigeria. why did all ex-leaders dumped his?, is because of his inattitude seeing everyone as an enemy. dr doting is just a pay jobbed, trying to earn his pay. tell us one thing gen has done apart from sending armies to the north. who is fooling who?.

  12. Methink el rufai is criticizing Jonathan out of hatred that is why he cannot present his thoughts on how to solve the BH insurgents. My advice to Jonathan is that he prosecutes any individual who has implicated himself in the BH debacle. Nothing and absolutely nothing will happen. Unless he shows some acts of bravely rats like rufai will not learn to throw stones because the impression created by the deafening silence of mr president is that his hands are soiled so he can do nothing.

  13. I don`t know why some writers are so derail that they reason with the sole of their feet.This writer attacked the fan base of El-Rufai out of cheer hatred.You said you find it hard to read some of his articles so how did you know that He has never mentioned the way out.I am not saying He is a righteous man but obviously this writer is worst.I criticise this government and every right thinking person will do that and if Rufai were also a non performing president,I will still criticise him.If you have personal hatred for El,pls say and do not quote Okupe out of context.If you don`t have brain as portrayed by your write up,we do.Jonathan is so daft to reward your paid write up.

  14. I don`t like El-Rufai he is a criminal a disgrace to NIGERIA El-Rufai never mean no good for our country Nigeria, I believed that he is one of the northern leaders that sponsor Terrorist group called BOKO HARAM or what ever they maybe called, in the Country NIGERIA.. Unity is what Nigerians need let us unit to the build up Nigeria to be a better country for all.


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