Improvement as WAEC Releases Results – 38.8% Pass Mathematics and English

The West African Examinations Council on Friday officially released the results of the 2012 May/June West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination. The release of the results was announced by the Head, National Office of the Council, Dr. Iyi Uwadie,

According to Uwadie, a total of 1,672,224 candidates sat for the examination. And out of this figure, a total number of 1, 545,004, representing 91.10 per cent had their results fully released, while 150,874 candidates, representing about 8.90 per cent, had a few of their subjects still being processed due to some errors committed by the candidates at the point of entry.

However, of the total number of candidates that sat for the examination, a total of 771,731 candidates representing 46.14 per cent obtained 6 credits and above; 952,156 candidates representing 56.93 per cent obtained five credits and above while 1,107,747, representing 66.24 per cent obtained credits in four subjects.

Meanwhile, this time around, a total of 649,156 candidates representing 38.81 per cent obtained credits in five subjects and above, including Mathematics and English Language. This is a significant improvement on the results from the last two years, Uwadie observed. Candidates are expected to visit the council’s website for their results.

For information on how you can check your WAEC 2012 result, click here


  1. While people are working legitimately to improve the Lots of Nigeria, some have turned themselves into “black legs”. Is it not funny to have a faceless advertiser inviting those with WITHELD results to contact 08034948009 for assistance? I was called yesterday also by a faceless person who claimed to be an FRSC Official that a person on whose Hand held set my number was, was involved in a RTA along Lagos-Ibadan expressway, when I probed for the Persons number or to know the Hospital the person was taken to, He requested that I should send a recharge card, as He was using “FRSC” line. PLEASE let us BUILD and not DESTROY Nigeria. We have heard of multitude of “YOU WON THIS or THAT” when you have not registered for any lottery. MAY GOD HELP US.

  2. Waec officials, Nigerian students and their parents have performed well in this 2012 may/june result. 38.8% , (ca 650,000 15-18yrs old girls and boys) success rate in 6 subjects including maths and english is a commendable performance. In the pre 1950-70s and earlier days less than 20% 21-35yrs men and women who wrote London/Cambridge GCE exams/WASCE hardly made more than 4-5 subjects and certainly only 10-15 % had anything to show in maths/arithmetic and english language. Most emloyment in the ARMY, NDA CIVIL SERVICE, POLICE, P&T, RAILWAYS, AIRWAYS, PWD, NPA, TEACHING, BANKS, etc were obtained with G4 – the equivalence of failed WAEC or attempted mock WAEC.. What is required to move this country, Nigeria forward can be obtained in just 5-6subjects namely:
    1 Communication language/skills english/local languages,etc
    2 Analytical skills – maths, statistics, arithmetics
    3 Natural science skills 2-3 subjects
    4 Social science skills 2- 3 subjects
    5 Moral skills 1- 2 religious/civil information platforms freely
    administered not dogmatic teachings of protesting churches/mosques
    6 Vocational skills agriculture, sports, personal heath study, environmental, security , entertainments etc.

    So 2012 may/june WAEC boys and girls WELLDONE. Now Your Struggle Continues NYSC thru UTME, POST UTME, JOB Market and family life in the next 5-10yrs when your get to 24-28yrs of age.
    Do not mind your elders especially failed G4 Politicians,civil servants coup plotting army generals, 419 bankers, school drop out miracle Pastors/Imams and semi literate armed robbers, kidnapping gangs AND lastly completely misguided idiotic BOKO HARAM suicide bombers,