Jim Iyke Issues Apology To Linda Ikeji Over Mistaken Identity?

The imbroglio between award winning Nollywood actor, singer and ‘bad boy’, Jim Iyke and celebrated blogger Linda Ikeji might just be over. The two had engaged in a tweet fight sometime last week over an image that depicted Jim Iyke eating roasted corn in Amsterdam.

Now, eating roasted corn and being caught on camera isn’t a crime in itself and blogging it isn’t one either. As a celebrity and public figure, Jim Iyke should’ve known by now that whatever he does or say is gonna make news; whether it’s news worthy or not. But what we witnessed thereafter left alot to be desired especially on the part of Jim Iyke because he obviously didn’t get his facts right before going ‘ungentlemanly’ on Linda.

The Photo That Caused The Brouhaha

This will be the second time within a space of three months that former model and blogger Linda Ikeji will be getting in hot waters with Nigerian actors over a non-issue; yes, that’s what it is. The last time, it was popular actor and commissioner in Delta state, RMD that reportedly told Linda to ‘go get a life!’ over a seemingly innocent story that’d to do with a mansion allegedly owned by the actor. However, on this recent face off, Linda was completely innocent and I can report that authoritatively because the alleged picture and story was not even carried by Linda’s blog but another that bears close resemblance in name to hers.

Linda Ikeji

In reaction then to this tweet by Jim Iyke “Fuck off lady! I’m nt even gonna pretend to be a gentleman abt tis. U cn play d victim all u want but I dnt give a rat ass, period”, Linda had innocently retorted, “U’re just attacking me for no reason. U sure u’re alright?” Apparently realising his mistake and error of an unwarranted attack, the actor waved the olive branch by tweeting what seems like an apology to Linda: “Apologies Linda. My vitriol on u ws a genuine error as I misread the handle. Hope u’ll boro a leaf from my apology based on ur antecedent attacks.”

Atleast he swallowed his pride and apologised even though Linda has not responded yet. How many men would admit they are wrong let alone apologize? Meanwhile, an online news journal exclusively reported that the Nollywood ‘bad boy’ has got a new media manager for himself.


  1. wat da f???? is he too big to eat corn? what do they eat in the villa he comes from. And for crying out loud, don’t know why someone is bloogn bout dat shit! and making Mr. Iyke feel so important. msheew!

  2. Shows how childish he rili is! How can you start insulting some body without even finding out if they have rili offended you?? Even if the person offended you can’t you forgive?? Must you insult them back?? Well thank goodness it was Linda Ikeji bcos if he had tried that shit with another man he just might get the beating of his life. I pity the woman who wil marry this kind of man!

  3. I agree with you obikwe this man who made money duping a woman seems not to respect women at all, if he really think he is a bad boy like he claims he should go and fight another man abeg. We all have to be prayerful because some people are just plain evil in human form, imagine a woman living wit this kind of human being? He will batter her everyday till he kills her. Hmmm Heaven help us all

  4. D guy is a str8 up ode…if Linda didn’t ask him to check the name properly would have been another thing but she kept on politely drawing his misplaced attention to the fact that he got d name wrong and mudslinging d wrong person…if he’s tuff n hard n bad he shud go to queens or brooklyn make one teenager clear him doubt…Abgaya!!!

    • it really isnt abt jim eating corn but abt jim insulting some other blogger for a post not done by her. read the full story


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