Jonathan Should Resign if he Cannot Tackle Terrorism – Mallam el-Rufai

One time Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, has asked President Goodluck Jonathan to quit if he could not solve the growing security threats to lives and property in the country.

Mallam el-Rufai made this statement in an interview with Vanguard newspaper which was published o the newspaper’s website. The former minister condemned the way innocent souls are being slaughtered daily without any response from the administration.

El-Rufai’s statement appeared to be a response to Chief Edwin Clark’s assertion that northern leaders were not doing enough to curtail the Boko Haram sect. While dismissing Clark’s allegation as untenable, the former minister warned the elder statesman to desist from making inflammatory and unverified statements capable of exposing him to ridicule instead of applause that he deserves at his age.

He then pointed out that President Goodluck Jonathan has already made it clear to Nigerians and the international community that he is unable to handle the security situation of the country: “Why is it that only President Jonathan cannot solve Nigeria’s security problem?… If he cannot do the job for which he was elected to do, he should consider going home. No president has ever sought the help of the ordinary people in tackling security problems in this country.”


  1. Let me say that I have never liked President Jonathan only because I don’t like PDP but I’m very sad about the way he is being blackmailed! Does it mean another ethnic group cannot rule this country? Haba! Wanan bai yi dadi ba! Walahi! It is very clear all these bombs and insecurity is a ploy to frustrate this man and its very bad walahi! I am a core northerner from malala, Gombe, but honestly my religion preaches peace. Why all these nonsense? El rufai and IBB are evil,why are they playing politics with innocent lives? infact the northern elite are not being fair to Nigerians Gaskiya, have we not been living in peace before? Why now for all these matsala?tou idan bamua so one Nigeria mu raba she mana?I don’t like this at all. Infact what we need to do is kill the likes of IBB, Buhari, el rufai,etc these people are playing politics with our lives walahi.

  2. Senseless tall. Is only Boko Haram issue/problem that Jonathan is facing in Nigeria. Why cann’t Mallam el-Rufai and his Northern brothers and sisters fish out Boko Haram in their Region. What efforts has the Northern Govenors made to provide security and check Boko Haram manace in the North.

  3. Mallam el-Rufai pls y can u leav d president alone.if d GOODLUCK shuld resign ar u goin tu Tackle d problm?u must b an Idiot instead of u tu cal back ur so called Bokoharam tu cease fire ur here waggin ur tongue standin in d midst of ur pipols talkin Mallam Nemesis wl soon catch u.

  4. I don’t knw y the average hausa/fulani fucks withhis brain and think with his balls. These were the ppl clamoring for the removal of Azzazzi and was removed and replaced with a BH appologist has that stopped the killing of xtians and Igbos or southerners in the north?

  5. El-Rufai should stop playing politic with people lives . These people are not terrorist , they are Islamic militants armed and funded by those El-Rufai represent . He is their PR consultants !

  6. Stupid El Rufai you are a thief,is it because you were not sent to jail for messing up FCT ministry when you & ur family members,associates & ur numerous girls were allocating juicy lands to ur selves,you hv the audacity to open your stinking mouth & speak evil abt Jonathan,afterall you can’t tell me you are not one of the sponsors of this problem,fool.

  7. God will punish u and send u el rufai and ur gang to hell where u pple belong.Goodluck is d right man for nigeria whether notherners like it or not.God will clam d storm in Nigeria,boko haram are just wasting time.Those pple supporting them will die a shameful die,they will die standing .Hopless idol worshippers.

  8. I dnt kwn y ppl are going heigh wen ever d truz is said? We are all nigeria if is tru we’r in luv wiz our country let b honest to our self pls.

  9. jonathan as chief security of the state must 2 know all what happening in’s an imagine for a state security can’t tackle this minor problem.jonathan if u are not boko haram u have 2 culmimate all these problems.we are entail u 2 fish all boko haram in naija.if this is not your plan 2 demote northners and their province.

  10. Can sumbody tell this sicle cell anemia or wat ever they call his name El rufai to shot his dirty mouth. The man is an Idiot. I wonder if he went to school @all.. He is worst dan an ilitrate. His Brain is benit his pants.. If I dont hav any serious thin to say, why dont U just go and die.. Commit sucide or sumthin else dan can kill U and let GEJ be.

  11. I dnt realy knw the major problem ov does illiterate poorest ppl wt bad mind that we av in dis country instead of u fighting 4 ur rigt(gud govt) u r dere fighting 4 tribalisim.. Can any idot among u donkeys tel me what he is benefiting wt dis govt? So for us to move d country 4ward we need to set our min free wthout ribal issue, we jus concentrate on gud governace not talking of brothers..


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