Julius Agwu Bags Tupac Shakur Foundation Honor

One of Africa’s most gifted and versatile entertainers cum stand up comedian, Julius D’Genius’ Agwu has been honored by the Tupac Foundation, Atlanta USA. This honor is coming weeks after bagging the African Achievers Awards in London. This latest honor by the Tupac Foundation makes Julius Agwu one of the few internationally recognized stars that have their names inscribed on the bricks at the foundation.

Julius Agwu

Some few days ago, Julius Agwu was presented with an Afeni Shakur (Tupac’s mother) autographed biography of  the late American rapper titled, ‘Tupac Shakur Legacy’. This presentation might not be unconnected with the comedian’s show of support to the foundation during one of his numerous visits to America and his ever soaring popularity in Africa.

Afeni, who also wrote the forward to the book which was written by Jamal Joseph, wrote; “Julius Agwu, peace, love, respect, se alaafia ni? We pray we will be able to come home, to Nigeria in the future. Help make our home land safe. We are ever hopeful for African peace and prosperity”.

Afeni Shakur

Responding to the honor done him, Julius said he feels very much excited and grateful to God about it. “I feel very excited and elated for this recognition. And most importantly, it is an inspiration for most of us who are in the business of entertainment because even for the fact the guy’s age was cut short at a very early stage, we know he has left a very indelible mark on the sand of time. I went to Tupac Foundation in Atlanta and I saw the projects he was working on before he died and what his mum too is doing at the foundation. I was so inspired and it got to say that for those of us who are here doing entertainment business, if we do not give back to the society, we have not really started. So everything we do, we should see it as a way of giving back to the society”.


Speaking further he said, “the foundation inspired me more that I have not even started yet. The expanse of land where the foundation is located including how they have impacted on the society says a lot that as role models, we really need to work harder because you have not achieved if you have not impacted on the people. No matter who you are and how much you think you have, you are not an achiever if you have not impacted on the people. I actually bought a brick at the foundation and my name was inscribed on it. If you go to Tupac Foundation in Atlanta, you will see my name on one of the bricks there with other great super stars. From what have been told, this is the first copy in Africa which was actually autographed by Tupac’s mother and I’m very privileged and honoured to be part of the chosen few. I’m planning a trip to the foundation this year to visit Tupac’s mum after Crack Ya Ribs in America”.

Julius Agwu Receiving The Autographed Book

The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation (TASF) houses the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts, just outside of Atlanta in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Founded in 1997 originally as the Shakur Family Foundation by Afeni Shakur, it has since its inception gone on to host performing arts camps, essay competitions, youth book clubs, visual arts workshops, community development projects, and scholarships to students pursuing undergraduate degrees.




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