London 2012: Congolese Athlete, Coaches Missing Too

About two weeks ago the news about how seven Cameroonian athletes went missing from their Olympics camp hit the media world. Now, barely 48 hours after the closing ceremony of the games, Congolese judo competitor and three other members of the country’s Olympic delegation have gone missing in London. This happened over the weekend since the weekend.

The Judo fighter, Cedric Mandembo, had lost his only judo match in 49 seconds to Russian Alexander Mikhaylin in the 100 kg category, and he was reported to have disappeared shortly after Sunday’s closing ceremony and was not answering his mobile phone, according UN-sponsored Radio Okapi.

Also, Congo’s judo coach Ibula Masengo, boxing trainer Blaise Bekwa, and national technical director of athletics Guy Nkita had also gone missing, according to the report, all four had left the Olympic village with their luggage. While no further details were available in London Congolese government spokesperson has said the Home Office did not comment on individual cases.

Meanwhile, about the missing Cameroonians, the London Olympic Organising Committee said it had notified British police about the missing Cameroonians, but added that the athletes would not be infringing immigration laws until their visas expired in November.



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