London Olympics: The Show Of Mediocrity By Nigeria

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One tweet i saw on twitter yesterday night that inspired this piece reads thus ‘‘No gold medal, No silver medal, No bronze medal……… at this rate we might not even get a certificate of participation’’. As funny as this statement may sound, it clearly reflect the character of Nigeria and why we got nothing at the Olympic.

As the Olympics come to an end, serious minded countries have started making plans and preparation for the next holding in Brazil. This is how you know nations who truly prepare for success. As for Nigeria we are never in such proactive state in our National evolution, which is why we get this kind of humiliation.  The show of mediocrity by Team Nigeria at the London Olympic truly indicate that until we remove politics from our sports activities, Nigeria will continue to encounter this type of embarrassment inspite of her abundant sporting talent in the country.

Rather than we concentrating on getting the best hands to run sports administration in this country, Nigeria prefer to make mockery of the entire process by recruiting charlatans to handle this sector. To this end, i don’t think we should be surprise or complain of our poor outing so far. We deserve what we got u may want to say.

As much as a lot of us don’t like our outing so far, many will still go about their business without probing into why we ended up in this path.  If indeed we cannot separate politics from our national life then we should ensure putting the right persons in public offices so that they will make decision that will truly bring national pride and not this show of mediocrity.

The minister of sports must be made to answer some questions as regards this unfortunate happening. What are the minimum criteria for the appointment to sporting administration in the country? Do we still make appointments base on ethnic sentiments? If this is the case then am sure those who made it to representing Nigeria are not the best quality of material the country has got to offer. One would begin to wonder the kind of feeling going through the mind of the top dignitaries and politicians that went along with team Nigeria to give them that courage letting them know their father land is solidly behind them. My guess, we all lose in the end……




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  1. jst wnt to say thank u so much guys for ur quick comment……. i will be xpectin more feedback and constructive comment as to improve subsequent publication coming up here. thanx 1ce again

  2. Who cares..???I know I don’t..I know our fucking president doesn’t care..You think the Minister of Sports cares???..He got his share of the $$$$$..and a chance to squander money in London’s most exotic Hotels…
    If I was an athlete,trust me..I wouldn’t care less..At least,I’m getting my piece of national cake.Just fuck it..Nigeria isn’t worth trying shit for..

  3. Why must we blame jonathan for every little tin dat goes wrong in dis country, why? Thats very wrng caus it shouldn’t be so, as far as am concerned the minister of sports shld be blamed and not mr president, caus mr president made available every required fund requested for d olympics then why turn around and blame mr president? Why?

  4. I dunno y dey keep blaming jona,these r d reasons y we achieve nufin cos we don’t even have common sense as to wats right nd wats jona a sports minister or an athlete dat u r calln him 4 evry fin even ur own individual wrong doing

  5. evri tin jona. Na jona chose atleth? Na jona run? Na jona jump? Na jona box? Na jona fight? Na jona b sport minista? F to sy n no realse moni 4 olympc u go sy n no realse. Evritn jona.

  6. We managed to qualify for the London’s Olympic knowing very well that our performance was mediocre. We berely have homebase basketball players, swimmers, in general: athletes of all kind. Other countries prepare for the World cup/Olympic Games in a long run (more than 3 years in peparation) but in our case we put pressure on the athletes in order for them to be prepare in a very short period of time. I hear some people saying let’s pray for Naija, forgetting that other competitors are also God’s children. In sport there isn’t such thing as MIRACLE, if u want to get a medal u have to be GOOD.
    Nigerian Government need to creat programes that will motivate youths to take part in sports, instead of blaming those that went to participate in the Olympic Games. Remembering that they went without adequate preparetion, enough sponsor. there weren’t adequated condition for training, still they got there.
    In order for we to win a medal in the next Olympic Game in Brazil 2016 we have to start preparing/getting fit Now. For someone to make a diference in any international game the body of the person has to adapted to some extreme conditions (the adaption doesn’t happen between night to day, it really takes long). IT’S THE GOVERNMENT THAT FAILED AND NOT THE ATHLETES.


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