Mark Zuckerberg Makes A Mistake on Facebook As Shocking Photo Turns Up, Then Gets Deleted

Mark Zuckerberg shirtless

A shirtless picture of Mark Zuckerberg is making the rounds on Facebook right now. The picture shows Zuckerberg on the left with a couple of male friends. The photo first appeared on the image-sharing site imgur … along with the photo caption . The poster claims the picture was accidentally posted by Andrew Bosworth, Facebook Director of Engineering ,who also appears in the picture.

The poster claims Bosworth deleted the pic “seconds later”.Too late though.


  1. Well, its not a bad thing for his bare chest picture to be, whether accidental or intentional, posted on FB….He’s a human being afterall, and above all, its not a nude pic. So it shudnt be a big deal, I opine.

  2. watz d big deal abt leaving his bare chest open?isn’t he a human being lyk we ppl,those who re confused shud remain confused!later dey wil cme 2 deir rite senses.i hpe diz ends soon b4 it causes smetin else.


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