Married “Pastor” Who Allegedly Infected Women With HIV Arrested

As bizarre as it sounds, a married pastor has allegedly been arrested for multiple infection of women with the dreaded HIV virus.

“Pastor” Craig Lamar Davis, of Atlanta’s Full Gospel Baptist Church, is accused of passing the virus to unsuspecting members of the female congregation, reports WVIG. At least two women have come forward to press charges.

The report goes onto say that Davis was arrested for reckless conduct after investigators discovered he was sleeping with several women in the church. He apparently admitted he’s HIV positive but recklessly chose to have unprotected sex.

Craig Lamar Davis

The explosive story has been trending on social networking sites and has been the subject of several blogs after it was originally posted by blogger Obnoxious. According to an email sent to the blogger, by a woman named Ronita McAfee, Davis had sex with her while he hid is HIV status.

She says she met him on Facebook and in a short time they started meeting at his home to have sex. A few months into the affair, McAfee claims Davis called and told her that one of his ex-girlfriends had told him she’s tested positive for HIV.

McAfee claims after Davis continued to refuse to get tested; she filed a police report and authorities took out a warrant for his arrest. Later, she discovered another woman had allegedly contracted HIV from Davis.

End time evil people in religious cloaks, ladies beware! Don’t have unprotected sex if you must and please, leave the married men alone and vice versa! As always, abstinence is the best protection.


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