Mass Smuggling of Rocket Launchers into the Country by Terrorists Discovered

Police sources have confirmed that terrorists operating in the country are now secretly importing rocket launchers for use in carrying out their nefarious activities. It is believed that the terrorists plan to replace the Improvised Explosive Devices with rocket launchers and rocket-propelled grenades.

These weapons are used to attack or destroy targets from long distances, while rocket launchers are devices that are used to propel missiles or explosives from long ranges. The planned adoption of this new strategy by the terrorists would help them evade arrests by security agents. Consequently, massive importations of these high-calibre weapons are currently on.

Many of the rocket launchers have reportedly been smuggled into the country across the porous borders in the North. Confirming this development, spokesman of the police, Frank Mba, in an exclusive interview, described it as a “worrisome development.”

According to him, “We are aware of the presence of rocket launchers and I assure you that we are not sleeping… I cannot give you details of all we are doing, but I can authoritatively say we are doing all we can to cut off their supply chain… I can tell you that all the Joint Task Force discoveries were made possible through international support; they were not by chance. The discoveries were made possible through deliberate, conscious intelligence gathering from outside the country.”


  1. Well, all these security lapses, Policemen, Custom men and Immigration staff collecting grafts to enable anything pass through the border we shall all see. Because the outcome will not leave anyone untouched. Heavens will fall, YES but would it leave anyone’s House standing? The ill-gotten wealth of all these people will not escape destruction. What of their families and relations? When we work and are remunerated it is our contribution towards protecting our society. Our Federal Character, Craze for wealth and our hatred for neighbors will do us no good. We need a re-orientation urgently. Failure to do that WILL DESTROY NIGERIA. Political greed will KILL this great nation, unless we all pray and talk to ourselves. MAY GOD SAVE US. AMEN.

  2. Nigerian leaders have failed to render their civic responsibilities instead, busy looting and legislating laws in the favour of theirs. They are to hold responsible for the plight of Nigeria’s economy. What do you expect of incompetent, naived and corruptable leaders? Nothing than what we experience now. May God save, help and bless Nigeria and her helpless citizenry! Amen.