Media Should Help in Nation Building by Portraying Nigeria in Good Light – NBC

During the unveiling of the 5th edition of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code to operators and other stakeholders in the broadcasting industry, the FG urged Nigerians to try and use the media to project the good image of the country which has been spoiled abroad.

The code was unveiled at a ceremony which also coincided with the 20th anniversary celebration of the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC). The code is a set of regulations set by government as a guide post to operators and other stakeholders in the industry.

Sokoto State Governor, Aliyu Wamakko, who unveiled the new code, urged the media to take advantage of some provisions in the document to chart a new course for the country’s transformation. According to him, “I appeal to the media to help in nation building and support in redeeming our battered image abroad. People see Nigerians as bad people and that Nigeria is a bad place to leave, we are good people, let us show that, because nobody would do that for us.”

Well said. However, if only both the leaders and followers in the country amend their ways and turn from corrupt practices, only then will the media have positive things to say about the country.


  1. Well said I say too but it remains an empty and deceptive statement. Many similar empty and futile statements had been made in the past. Journalism goes with objectivity which per implication, true and actual image of Nigeria must be made. NBC and our leaders at all levels and sectors should esteem nation building and image building first before expecting others to follow suit. Our leaders should escue hypocricy and mediocrity (NBC inclusive).

  2. the media acts as a mirror to the society as it reflects the image of a given society. the media can be used to ridicule or uplift a country for its development. it is true talk that the media can only say something positive about our leaders only when they change their negative attitudes to a positive one. today in the world, nigeria is viewed as a corrupt nation due to coverage of the fraudulent practices of our leaders which is quite commendable. you dont expect the media to lie about the welfare of a country. a positive attitude towards nation building will bring about positive results.


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