BREAKING: Minister Of Power, Prof. Barth Nnaji Has Resigned!

In what comes as a shocking development, the minister of power, Barth Nnaji has resigned his appointment from the cabinet of president Goodluck Jonathan.

His resignation has been accepted by the president. More details soon…

Prof. Barth Nnaji


  • This is a lesson for everybody. Whatever position u have been told to man, manage them not to becloud ur sense of justice toward masses u were told to manage upon. If it is against ur sense of justice, resign cos at the end u will become the sacrificial lamb to this national corruption.
    Sir Nnaji, ur own assessment during the ministerial position , what have u achieved? Ur success and failure evaluation rote, where has it taken?

    Let live a life of man of integrity, rather than man of pocket. Let put hope in God that give us the position and manage it well rather than human beings which are just mere means

  • I believe that we are yet to get the main gist.
    We pray that God will take us to that very place that he has kept for us despite all this corrupt politicians. Is well with Nigeria and Nigerians

  • Well, 4 whatever reason, this is uncommon among our leaders. We need great ideas to reform Nigeria, and not great names or people.

  • Prof Nnaji is not our problem only.The truth is we have not accepted that Nigeria is created and establised on pillars of lies and ruled by the veins of deciet.Unless the issue of do we all believe in Nigeria and a constitution empowering the citizens breaking all forms of tribalism and ethynicity putting to death any found guilty of gross selfishness[embezlement,contract hiking,favouritism over nationa.interest]is made and pay packets of our legislators federal and state and that of the president,ministers and others re seriously cut to reflect others working for Nigeria there will no end to our present situation.There should be opinion poll for vote of confidence or o confidence after two years of the president governors and our legislators tenureship.There should probe of tenureship immediately he/she steps out of office.God save us.

  • Its a welcome development for Nigeria and Nigerians as Barth Nnaji resigned. Hw can someone monopolised what belong to Nigeria and Nigerians may God help us in this country .

  • leaving symbols of decay and curruption in Nigeria are 1.Obasanjo Oluse 2.Obasanjo Oluse 3.Obasanjo Oluse 3.Babangida I.B. 4
    Babangida I.B 5.Babangida I.B 6.Babangida I.B and all our former leaders presidents but afore mentioned re the chiefs

  • haaaaa, why crumbling when God is at work the next person will be NLC Chair man why are there not go ahead on strike the 2 big thieves. EFCC should be ready to pick him before he fly out oooooooooh!

  • Prof Barth Nnaji you are on the right side ur Resignation was not bad rether you did it for a good reason

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