Modern World’s First Female-only City in the Pipeline

Ever fancy a place where everybody is female? Certainly, a lot of guys will take it as their dream destination. But, before you get too excited, remember it is “no man’s land”. So you are not likely ever to be able to get there if you are not female.

This kind of city is what Saudi Arabia is planning to build. This is part of plans to give career minded women living in the Sharia law-abiding country of Saudi Arabia access to opportunities which their counterparts in other parts of the world have access to.

The Saudi Industrial Property Authority (Modon) has been asked to bring the country up to date with the rest of the modern world with regards to the controversial city, which is now being designed with construction scheduled to begin next year. It is hoped that this city, when completed, help fulfill women’s desire to work without defying the country’s Islamic laws.

The municipality in the Eastern city of Hafuf is expected to attract 500 million riyals (£84m) in investments and it will create around 5,000 jobs in the textiles, pharmaceuticals and food processing industries. There will be women-run firms and production lines for women. Although Saudi Sharia law does not prohibit women to work figures show that only 15 per cent of women are represented in the workforce.

According to Modon’s deputy director-general, Saleh Al-Rasheed, “I’m sure that women can demonstrate their efficiency in many aspects and clarify the industries that best suits their interests, their nature and their ability… We are now working on a second industrial city for women… We have plans to establish a number of women-only industries in various parts of the kingdom.’”