“No Boko Haram in Okene” Police Commissioner Insists, Says at least 1, 000 AK-47 Riffles in Circulation Illegally

AK-47 Riffles

Information emerging from police authority has revealed that there are no fewer than, 1, 000 illegally acquired AK 47 riffles in private hands in Okene, Central Senatorial District – Kogi State. The information was made known by the Kogi State Commissioner of Police, Alhaji Mohammed Musa Katsina.

The commissioner made this known on Friday while parading freshly apprehended suspected collaborators with the perpetrators of the attack on worshipers at the Deeper Life Bible Church and killers of the two military officers. Among those paraded were a pastor, who assisted the arrested suspected leader of the gang that led the attacks, Sadiq (also known as Yekini and Sanni) from whom two riffles belonging to the slain soldiers were recovered, his wife and the landlady of his residence located near the attacked church.

According to the police authority the young wife of the suspected mastermind of the attack whose name was simply given as Ajara who was arrested on Sunday, August 19, 2012 had lied to the police that she met her spouse in January 2012 and that they had been living in the apartment since October 2011 after seeing the landlady who was arrested separately.

Katsina had also insisted that: “There is no Boko Haram in Okene” and that what was witnessed in the state in the past few weeks was “a pure case of armed robbery and political attack… Infact, they’re calling from Kano State that most of the arrests made are people from Okene and that we should come and pack them”.


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