No Remorse: Conrad Murray Lashes Out At Michael Jackson’s Mother

Dr. Conrad Murray, the terrible physician convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of pop star Michael Jackson, is still not showing remorse what with taking new shots at MJ’s mother. In a phone interview from prison, Conrad Murray accuses 82-year-old Katherine Jackson of letting her son down and “failing to be there” while he was alive.

Probed further if he’d ask forgiveness from Katherine for giving the troubled star a cocktail of drugs that led to his death, Murray was incredulous.

Showing No Remorse? Conrad Murray

“Mrs Jackson does not have to forgive me because I am not responsible for his death,” he said. “There is nothing for her to forgive me for.”

“I would say this: Is anyone willing to ever forgive Mrs. Jackson for failing to be the mother she could have been for her son? Would Michael forgive his mother for not being the mother that he wanted to be there all the time?”

Now serving four years at Los Angeles County Jail, Murray said he would be more than happy to sit down and talk with Katherine Jackson.

Somehow we don’t see that invite being extended.

In the telephone call, Murray again professed innocence and said he was closer to Michael Jackson’s children than the star’s own family.

In the same phone interview, Murray also alleged that Michael’s 85-year-old father, Joe Jackson, could be receiving money from his son’s vast fortune courtesy of Katherine.

Joe, who has been accused of abusing his son as a child, may be a beneficiary of payouts from Katherine’s allowance, according to the doctor.

“She is probably handing out funds to his father,” said Murray. “[Michael] would roll in his grave if he knew Joe Jackson spent a penny of his money.”

Just makes you wonder if such is possible in Nigeria; holding a telephone interview from behind bars?


  1. What a idiot! First of all Katherine Jackson was there for her son and Michael would be rolling in his grave if he heard you talk about his mother like this. Michael said his mother was perfection. Murray owes not only Mrs Jackson a apology but also his children, family and all of his fans. Second…Michael himself gave his father money every month to live on, he knew his mother would continue this, he forgave his father a long time ago. Conrad Murray is a self rightious pig who isn’t man enough to admit he screwed up…go ahead Conrad, get another girl who is way too young for you pregnant and bring another kid in the worl you wont support. The only thing Michael did wrong was to trust this man!