Nollywood Actor, Richard Oganiru Allegedly Confesses To Killing His Wife

This would have been a script from a movie scene acted by Richard Oganiru except that there are no cameras, light or sound equipments and neither is there a make up artiste; this is real and it is not a good story, sadly.

The National Enquirer reported that this once very popular face in Nollywood is having the fight of his life as he is currently fingered in the death of a rich Abuja based multi-millionaire who is believed to be his wife. The actor who has featured in over 200 home videos purpotedly married this Abuja based woman after the death of his first wife. According to National Enquirer, this woman turned Rich Oganiru’s life around within months of his meeting her.
Rich Oganiru, according to those who know him, loves money and attention almost to a fault, aside that, he also likes blowing his own trumpet as he never fails to engage in self-adulation. His Facebook page information reads, “I have starred in over 300 movies, I am the Corporate Marketing Consultant to the Abuja Chapter of AGN, a high flying Evangelist called to lead the skilled and unskilled gifted in art to realize their God`s given potentials in the Kingdom. I am the General Overseer of Davidical Order Ministry, we discover, develop, expose, empower and evangelise musicians, actors, and artistes to be relevant in their different churches- a non denominational outreach for the entertainment industry”.

Well, we reliably gathered that the actor is presently cooling his heels at the homicide section of the force headquarters, Abuja where he’s being held as suspect in his wife’s murder. Tracing the genesis of their liaison, we gathered that the deceased met Rich Oganiru who already lost his wife and mother of his two boys at a time he was facing financial challenges and could hardly afford to take care of himself sufficiently. Rich, our source explained, was able to win the pretty woman’s heart after sweet tonguing her especially because he’s a known face who’s featured in several movies.

This, we further gathered was how the woman in a short while brought back smile to the face of the light skinned actor to the extent that, he became financially buoyant and had even started cruising one of her cars. The relationship as expected blossomed into marriage within a short period and the actor we learnt even had a traditional wedding with his supposed God sent wife. The union however took a new dimension when Rich began to complain of his wife’s inability to bear children.

Meanwhile, the woman had by this time handed over the documents of her landed properties to him as well as making him a co-owner in her firm. The affair, we reliably gathered took another twist as the graduate of music, Rich started seeing a younger lover, Iyake, a Calabar born undergraduate of Nassarawa State Polytechnic whose mother owns a shop in Abuja. “He`s always hibernating everyday for hours with a young girl whose mother owns a shop at the popular area known as Food Court built by a former minister where there are banks, it is so shameful for a man like that doting on a young girl,” the source disclosed.

While doting on a young girl outside, the actor, who the source revealed is also an ex Naval officer kept mounting pressure on his wife to get pregnant shunning the fact that the business woman was suffering from Fibroid. This, we gathered might not be far from the reason the woman had to take the decision to get the fibroid removed by all means.  Quoting the source “It was Rich’s unnecessary pressure on the lady that made her result into having a fibroid operation at a private hospital in Abuja which she luckily survived but only recuperating at the hospital before she was allegedly poisoned”.

The woman we were told, however met her untimely death few days after the surgery when her husband was said to have visited the hospital and allegedly gave her a pill without the doctor`s consent claiming that it would aid her speedy recovery.

The whole thing started looking suspicious when Rich who had sold some of his wife’s landed property to a church member for N2.5m requested for her death certificate. The actor we gathered claimed that he urgently needed the certificate to sort out some personal issues instead of informing the wife’s family or at least show remorse over the death of his wife. In addition, the church member who bought the land, according to our source also suspected foul play because Rich refused to have his wife’s signature on the land receipt neither did he even inform any of her family members claiming that he’s the husband and has the right to sell her land. This, we learnt informed the church member’s interest to investigate the actual cause of death of Rich’s wife.

“This was how the man reported the whole land story as well as the woman’s death to her family and it was what made them involve the police before the doctor and Rich were arrested” the source revealed.  The doctor, knowing that his hands were clean, therefore suggested an autopsy which shockingly revealed a poisonous substance in the woman’s system. The said poison we gathered was ingested between the time her husband visited the night before she died.

Alleged Wife Killer: Richard Oganiru

The nurses were also said to have seen her sleeping few minutes after Rich left without knowing that she was already dead. The actor, our source added, later confessed to killing his wife after undergoing rigorous investigation while in police custody.

Richard Oganiru is still with the police authorities while the remains of his wife have been deposited in the mortuary.

How many of you can still remember his face, because I do vividly. Hard to believe he would even hurt a fly how much more, his benefactor and wife.


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