Now Goodluck Jonathan Is Asking: “Has Power Supply Improved In Your Area?”

We published a story last week which stated that power supply has improved in the country and asking for feedback from our readers if power supply has improved in their area. We got varying responses, but it was mostly positive. You can read the post here:

On a “Lighter” Note: Has Electricity Supply Improved in Your Home?

Now Goodluck Jonathan through his Special Assistant  on New Media ” Reno Omokri ” is asking a similar question, he put up this tweet yesterday:

You can tweet your responses to him, we hope things keep getting better.
What do you think about this?


  • Fuck jonathan! Fuck patience! Fuck y’all that say power has improved, we want a change in government come 2015 and that’s the bottom line!! PDP your time is UP!!! Let another party and person try!!

  • Electricity supply has improved drastically. I would request that the president should frantically face the security issues confronting the nation. He should be focused knowing that He cant pleased everyone.

  • wt due respect mr president Gej sir, its a shame on you to ask if power supply have increased or not when u didnt make effort toward improving it. The only increase is that nepa bill have increase 4rm 4500 to 7870naira. U r a capitalist u only knw how to exploit poor nigerians without any work. U bloody president u make us live in pain, insecurity and poverty we hate you jonathan

  • YES. Power supply has significantly improved at LCHE, lsolo,Lagos.The sabotuers who were interupting the system for their diesel and generator-sellers- paymasters are on strike. And the presence of the Army at PHCN installations prevent them from moving in for sabotage. That’s why they’re insisting on the withdrawal of the Army or no negotiation.The selfish interest of a very few cant be placed above the interest of over 160million Nigerians whom they’ve held to ransome for ages.No to NLC call for strike.

  • My able president tank u very much light av improve so much thru ur effort. But I want u 2 know dat u can’t please every body do ur best and leave d rest 4 God. Those pple complaing or calling u all manner of names ar not diplomats. They fail 2 see beyound their self interest maybe they expect u 2 leave ur focus and go catch boko haram wid ur hands. Don’t mind them we appreciate u and ur efforts come 2015 I wil stil vote 4 u.

  • I have ppl dat pretend to be patriots wen they are actually just selfish and sentimentalist dat have no interest of 9ja at heart but 4 only there tribes or religion. They say dat d reason they hate mr president was bcos he is not workin and d ppl are sufferin, wel now dat he is doin wat all other presidents have tried to do and failed 4 d past 20yrs, they say its ‘wayo’. Ppl its glarin dat electricity supply has improved in 9ja, whether its ‘wayo’ or not we say Tanx to mr president. And to all those ppl prayin 4 9ja to fail just so dat sum1 from there tribe or religion can come in, i say SHAME ON YOU!

  • I hate ppl dat pretend to be patriots wen they are actually just selfish and sentimentalist dat have no interest of 9ja at heart but 4 only there tribes or religion. They say dat d reason they hate mr president was bcos he is not workin and d ppl are sufferin, wel now dat he is doin wat all other presidents have tried to do and failed 4 d past 20yrs, they say its ‘wayo’. Ppl its glarin dat electricity supply has improved in 9ja, whether its ‘wayo’ or not we say Tanx to mr president. And to all those ppl prayin 4 9ja to fail just so dat sum1 from there tribe or religion can come in, i say SHAME ON YOU!

  • power supply is stil d same abysmaly poor nd most f d time nt in existence but d bills hav drastically risen higher than d reach f majority f d poor masses, we want this new pay as u go meter in aba, abia st. 2 forestall this 419(fraud/stealing) of paying 4 what u did nt use.

  • *•.¸( *•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*.
    «´¨`°•.◦ †нªηк’s ◦.•°´¨`»
    ¸.•* (¸.•*´♥`*•.,)`*• To Mr. President, we now beg nepa to take light in my area. Its has over improved sometimes light doesn’t blink for 5 days. For dose of u who still open ur dirty mouth to insult our President I say to u dat ur generations will always reign down insult on u with no concrete reason. Bunch of idiot

  • Yes things hav change every thing hav improve but for d masses it only for him nd his family. And all his fellowing thiefers.

  • In fact nig. Herself is a big diseases to our people I can’t image my fellow naija man saying thank God our light is now improve cos they have light for just a week in some area not a year. Am now in south africa am not hear debate on light not to talk about taking light shame to giant of africa mr president and all nig. Leaders

  • Electricity has improved in my area! Was supprised,
    Very suprise for like 2 week there was constant
    Electricty, pls the army should remain at the post of
    Electrical installation So that all this saboter will not gain access to start
    Switching power off. Thumbs up GEJ

  • Light has seriously improved,but since PHCN staff came back frm strike it’s been off n on.Pls Mr President deal with these PHCN staffers that have interest in companies that sell generators.

  • D fact dat I ve not used my generator 4 d past 3 days is a testimony to d fact that power supply has improved appreciably in my area in Kwara state.GEJ u are getting it right,ride on.

  • Those raining insult on dis man ar ememies of progress.u ple can’t appreciate d gud 1 has done. Abdul ave u seen dis kind of light increase b4?.let d soldiers continue 2 stay at PHCN installations 2 prevent saboteurs. Saboteurs! saboteurs!! Saboteurs!!!,GOD will fight and deliver nigerians 4rm ur hands. Wicked ple and enemies of progress.

  • Kings Court Estate, located at Jabi Airport Road By-Pass has the worst light schedule in the country I guess.
    Considering the fact that, Jabi has constant light, Lokogoma has light, but Kings Court Estate which is in between this settlement had no light for 8 days straight untill yesterday, even I type now, no light! It has been 2 hours on, 5 hours off since yesterday.
    Goodluck, this is Abuja ohhh. Please do something Sir.

  • Mejority carries the vote. Actually if d light will continue just as it is at present,we will be and continue to be gratefull. But having the light,thanks but what about the bill?
    Those that opens thier stinking mouths and insalts the president,will surely receives thiers from thier mouths.

  • When will Nigerian leaders change 4 good? Why are they into hide and seek, hit and run games? Imagine a whole president asking this type of stupid questions! So, if the light stays on for two days in some areas, is dat the improvement dat Nigerians deserves? And some maopical citizens who do not even know the different between their left and right are congratulating him. U talk about improvement 4 at least 6-12 months of uninterrupted power supply to make sure the light reaches the major cities of the country before u even talk about the rural areas. Before God and man, for more dan three weeks now, power supply got worst in my area. In my residence, the type of light I see there is nothing to write home about. It became more epileptic dan ever. In my shop, since last week until yesterday, I ‘ve never use my eyes to see the light even 4 one minute. If u care to know where I live, am living in Enugu state. My residential building at St. Peter’s catholic church Ebony Paint Awk, Enugu. my shop at Garriki Afor Awk market. We need the light there because our money has finished on fuel for generator and we pay unimaginable price for power supply we are not getting. Mr. President, be realistic to urself and the Nigerian citizens. We do not commit any crime by voting u into power. Poverty is what we get from u every minute of the day.


  • I believe what remain in kano is PHCN to come and pack their poles and wires becourse up to now, we used to stay for a months without seeing electricity, however we my critical observation almost all over the state are in total darkness, especially people who under kumbotso electricity distribution. May GOD help us out of this total darkness.

  • I think the right question should be, if we have the right hands to repair our generators and how much fuel we buy weekly to fuel them.

    Why talk about improvement? It’s annoying!

  • Morni Mr President I’m from Ondo State. Electricity power supply has not improve there is getting worser than before there take for instance Kajola & Messiah Quarters off Akure High School,Akure in Ondo State. We have been in darkness sincere the January now till this time of August that I’m writing this note. Please help us to tell & warn Gov Mimiko to give this two streets the transformer of their own individually. Because we have launched this complain several times but he said FG has not make provision for transformers. His there shifting the blame of darkness areas in Ondo State on FG. Pls find solution to this issue because no good electricity supply Nation can not grow talkless of foreign investors to invest in there because God doesn’t stay in a place where there is darkness.

  • I’m very surprised on the way you all are behaving Starting from Mr president himself. Dis is not the right time to ask dis question til d end of your tenure. And 4 sure you can give yrslf an answer by taking a tour to several places, by offin the 24’7 generator in yr villa for jst a week. And for those who commend GEJ on a job weldone, D fact that u c light with no interuption for like 2weeks does not mean things had changed. U should know dat elecric supply is usually much in abundance in rainy seasons. y not wait til a very dry season. AND FINALY TO GEJ: ” HE who does a good work does not talk of the good tinz he does. Instead the gud work speaks for him.”

  • Its more like a nightmare here at GRA Gboko Benue state, we don’t have any good reason to say Electricity supply has improved. For the past six days now, there has been power BLACKOUT!

  • Some Nigerians are funny and so be economical to the truth. If one out of 1000 Nigerians is comfortable with a government policy he or she praises the government to be best and undermining other 1000 Nigerians. This is selfishness that will never need us to any where than doom. Good work speaks for the doer. President is human being he can never satisfy everybody before he will be praised. Jonathan is humble and calm but highly corruptable. An obvious sign of corruptable tendency is the comfortability of corrupt elites and politicians at the detriment of poor masses, and this is what is happening in Nigeria now. What do you expect from such a leader, improvement or disappointment? May God save, help and bless Nigeria and her helpless citizenry. Amen.

  • power supply hasn’t change yet atleast no for the good, cos it keeps getting worst every minute……dat passes by.
    that’s to tell you how bad it is..coupled with the PHCN and NLC intention to go on strike next week…..

  • Hmmm! I dnt know why? U people of Naija dnt know wat d word improvement is all about.
    Or having a light of 2-3 weeks is is an improvement apart of electricity in my country (naija)???

  • hmmmmmm! PHCN and NLC chairman need to be die and all our leaders all directors in the ministry/ government perinatals,don’t talking about Mr president, is he the one that heading so call PHCN or other department, let be honest to our self all the contract and offices been sign to most of us have we done it? is Mr president will leave his office to do it?. Light is improve because NLC chairman and PHCN president have a gag ant Generator that generator company bribe them so how can they remember their neighbors, light is improve fine.

  • Well my dear mr president, I must commend PHCN on d little improvement in power supply in my area Somolu which last as long as 8-12 hrs a day but I believe they can still do better. However its a sign of hope dat we can build a gr8er Nigeria regardless d adversities. Some times I feel very bitter almost givin up on Nigeria, but then I urge all aggrieved parties 2 toll d part of peace and progress despite our anger and give d government d needed support instead of destroyn d entire system and if we must break up let it b done amicably than wasting poor innocent lives. Here is my opinion as it is subjct 2 change in d future.

  • Gud day sir,i’m Akwa Ibom migth an indigene of Nsit Ubium L.G.A it has being so long we have not seen ang thing like nnpa light in our enviroment.Pls sir with due respect kindly help us to back nnpa light in my village Ikot Ekpene Udo.Thankyou God bless as u will look through my request and our good Lord will surely see u through 2015 election in Jesus name Amen

  • Our Governors and the federal legislators have disappointed us instead of demanding for decentralization of Federal Min. of Power for every state to have theirs, they were busy asking for state police that will devide Nigeria. Lets all Nigeria ask for constitutional amendment to enable us address this or our federal legislator should use their power to address this. Mr. President sir, to be honest with you, dont ask this question again as we all knowing that nothing has been achieved in this sector at all. Pls, Nigerian be respectful to your leader and stop all kind of insult.

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