Occupational Hazard: Prostitute Flees as Client Gets Her Molested By A Gang

Drama unfolded in Ughelli North Local Government Area, Delta State, when a prstitue followed a client to his home for her services, only to find out that, contrary to their agreement, she would be servicing five other men. All of them allegedly had canal knowledge of the prostitute after having threatened to attack her with broken bottle.

Confirming the incident, the head of the vigilante group in the neighborhood, one Mr. Monday Owhesiri said the prostitute later escaped naked and ran into a street guard who offered her clothes. He said the vigilance team immediately swung into action after they were alerted by the street guard.

So far, three men have been arrested by men of the Ughelli vigilance team in Ughelli North Local Government Area, Delta State in connection to the alleged rape. The men were apprehended at the Iwhrekpokpor area of the Ughelli metropolis at about 3 a.m. by members of the vigilance team after they were given a tip-off by a street guard.

According to Owhesiri, “When we got to the place, we arrested one of the men in the house and two others who had found their way out of crime scene through a hole they had burst in the ceiling while the other three escaped… When we entered the ceiling, we found a wooden item carved into the shape of a gun and they said it was carved by one of them who is a carpenter”.

Owhesiri said those that were arrested – two of whom were brothers – had been handed over to the police in the Ughelli ‘A’ Division.


Source: Vanguard

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  • U shuld nt rily blame doz men, d gal got wht she wantd. Pls ladies, there are many menial job one can engage herself in dan harlotery. No mata d situatn u find urself, determine to be great nd u wl see dat success will pave way for itself. An adage says ‘where there is a will, there will definitely be a way’. Meanwhile, doz men no do well o!

  • @ OzigOod, what the men did was wrongn very wrong aand there isn’t any justification 4 that, whether she is a prostitute or not.rape, no matter the circumstance must be frowned at. thanks

  • The prostitues should be charge for her prostitution while the men should be charged for patronising prostitues. There is nothing called rape in this case as there is no witness of their nefarious agreement. That willbe a lesson to other shameless prostitues all around nigeria.

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