[Opinion] Arrested Nigerian Politicians, Where are they?

It is only in Nigeria that we see arrest and prosecution but we never know where the issues, proceedings, arguments went! Politicians are arrested in ‘real time’ for looting, embezzlement, scams and many other new crimes we don’t know. The country, countless times, has been agog with news of record breaking arrests but we are never informed of the lots of the kingly accused!

When the former speaker of the house of representative was arrested some months ago, we expected a breakthrough in justice because the masses ‘thought’ he was guilty. Only God knows where he is now. Governors like Otunba Gbenga Daniel, Chief Alao – Akala among others were ‘arrested’, questioned, and charged to court on allegations of reckless tampering with public funds, only the Supreme God knows what has become of our once – immunity – protected leaders are!

It is shameful and disgraceful that our corruption watchdog cannot bite when necessary! Only making empty noises and feigning alertness are their best function!


  • That is a challenge to the judiciary arm of the government. The judiciary is the weakest of all the arms of the government in Nigeria. Ibori’s case bore eloquent testimony to my stance. It’s only a strcict regime of the judiciary that can bring sanity to the corruption that is ravaging Nigeria. Forget about immunity, when one politician is prosecuted accordingly, others in power will do the right thing, knowing fully well that prosecution awaits at the end of their tenure.

  • Lack of respect 2 rule of law by our so called leaders, corruption, political injustice among many others are d major reasons y policians are free 4rm prosecution. I wil lyk 2 sugest dat d whole country shud b burnt 2 ashes so dat dia wil b a new start smwhere.

  • All we know how 2 do is blow grammar, after dat nothing else. We can only bring total change to Nigeria if and only if each and everyone of us could destroy the old creature in us which is selfishness which is the biological mother of corruption and embrace self discipline, only then proper change could be effected. Also we have 1 reduce the power given 2 executive arm of the government and give absolute power 2 judiciary, then we must expect big changes.

  • Yes lack of ful practice of rule of law is largely responsible 4 all these.dat is why d rich are not seen and trited egually wit their poor counterparts by d country’s criminal justice system as a whole.dis is indeed a big problem dat nids 2 b urgently tacked

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