[Opinion] As Kofi Annan Steps Down

AT THIS STAGE ONE IS LEFT TO SAY God help the people of Syria as they face the reality of a regime that is truly intent on obliterating its own people all because they choose to speak out against tyranny. The U.N is at this stage left with a scar it created on its own, as Kofi Annan steps down from this unfinished assignment. Could this be a calculated attempt to let innocent civilian die just because the U.N is unable stop the blame game that has kept it from taking decisive action against the Bashar al-Assad regime?

What better description can be given to the rights of Man if he cannot decide what becomes of his own destiny by his own accord? The Syrian experience clearly shows that when the people become desperate, social norms and order may be subjected to immense stress, leading to the destruction of the fabric of society which at this stage many will agree to as the situation tenable in Syria. The question left to ask is, Why did they {the big boys} choose to remain silent while one man attempts to commit acts liken to genocide? Or is this another U.S – Russia show of its might?

Kofi Annan’s resignation as the UN-Arab envoy to crisis torn Syria simply depict that the powers that be merely pretended to show interest in the  initial stage only to abandon the Syrian people to their fate, but how do we expect an unarm civilian population to confront a government armed military force that has been given orders to kill? If Mr Anna can declare that his job has become a ‘mission impossible’ and therefore the option for him is to resign honourably, simply tells us that the world should expect nothing but the horror and carnage of death as Mr Assad is ever ready to proof to the world that his got everything under control in Syria. This is so because Assad’s action in recent times shows that the man is not ready to relinquish power any time soon. The west and America must act in the interest of justice, good concise to protect these people from massacre since the diplomatic options appears to be failing it.

On his part, Bashar al-Assad must begin to realize that even if he stays anytime longer than he has already done; the hands of the law will caught up with him and so it is best he step down now an act that will be seen heroic. So that the people of Syria can decide for themselves the kind of government they want. If he truly claims he loves his country, then that is an option still open for him to consider.


Dept of philosophy, Unilag



  1. If Kofi Anna could step down at dis crucial time simply bcos China & Russia hav refused to giv in dia support,it shows to d entire world nw dat UN no longer hav d will power to make peace in any crisis Nation.it a pity wel for Assad whose is bcom a brute tyrant dat tink d world belongs to him & him alone bt he is forgetting one tin dat is certain d grand wich he walk upon will surely swallow him up in his empty body.d blood of all d innocent soul he had committed to mother earth will continue to hunt him even to his grave.