[Opinion] Let’s Outsource The Nigerian Government

“Should we outsource government because for the past 50 years of democracy, the common Nigerian is still yet to reap its dividends?”

Kindly do me a little favour, read the above line again and ponder on it. i am sure as a Nigerian you must agree with me that the Nigerian society should have evolved past our present state of violence and uncertainty, rather then live by experiencing security and economic prosperity, we are sorrounded by unemployment and poverty, a large percentage of Nigerians live below a dollar a day, little wonder Japheth Omojuwa once described Nigeria as a failed state.

“our system is similar to a basket of eggs, where all the eggs came together to select 3 eggs to represent them in governance for a period of 4 years, however after the four year term, it was discovered that the chosen eggs were rotten, so people got angry, abandoned the eggs and another set of eggs were selected to replace them for another 4 years, but that also yielded the same results”, these are the words of Olakunle Soriyan.

Thats terrible right, we have had rotten leaders for about 50 years, i know, but thats not the worst of it, the worst is that we have failed to realise that maybe the basket is actually filled with rotten eggs, so there is no egg in that basket that can ever perform different from the others. It is a proof of insanity to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.  Now that we  have realised Nigeria is a basket of rotten eggs, should we out source governance to the Chinese or the Americans, the British, French, Indians or the Russians perharps. Would our society be better for it or do we just do the needful and embrace PERSONAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

Our government since independence has never been outsourced, rather it is Nigerians like you and I who are at the helm of affairs, it is a Nigerian that plunders our treasuries and demands bribes in other to perform his official duties, moreso, over and over again we have realised those whom we put in charge of our affairs are the very devourers who betray us. We have criticised, occupied and blamed govt for our problems but all still remains the same. What more is the way forward, PERSONAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY i say.

We have been naive to believe that govt is the answer to our problems, rather govt is secondary. We on the other hand are the masters of our faith, it is the duty of this generation to solve the problems we face; power, unemployment, poor infrastructure, lack of funds for business,e.t.c. All these challenges are opportunities for us to create home grown, ground breaking solutions.   If we continue to wait for our govt, we will wait till Jesus comes. Rather, we must do things differntly, we must crate solutions, we must challenge ourselves, we must not be critics of government but critics of society. We must push society to demand a higher degree of awareness from ourselves, only then can we change society.

The problems we face in Nigeria are challenges that are being solved by great business men and women in other countries.   70% of our population are youth which is great, but most of this youths are more intersted in gossip, parties, trips, fun and entertainment rather than nation building, personal growth and using their existence to improve society, that’s why a computer science graduate in Nigeria cannot build a website.   In the next few years, this young leaders will be at the helms of governance, what should we expect from ourselves, if we cannot vouch that we expect a fresh generation of thinkers and solution providers, we had better start making plans to out source governance right  now.

By Adedunmade Onibokun