[Opinion] The Death Traps Called Nigerian Roads

The deplorable conditions of the Nigerian roads have been long overdue. It is high time we talked about it. Quite a number of ambitious souls had been lost on many major highways in the country. Plying these roads seem like embarking on a solo run to hell! Many parents prayerfully call their wards as they travel on these death traps!

The Lagos – Ibadan expressway which has been one of the important routes in the country but which inadvently links the major economic capital of the country had been deplorable since Nigerians know.

The Obasanjo led administration proposed making the road a world class highway but we only saw the contact awarded but little or no work done on the highway! Quite ignoble!

A young girl whose prospect of making it real big in life got cut short on a day after her graduation early this year! Countless lives had been lost on these roads in this country. Funny enough, we have cars built solely for the Nigerian road!

Our government can only make life worthwhile if these roads are attended to.