P-Square blow N50Million On Mum’s Burial

The singing duo’s mother, who passed on after a heart surgery in India, is believed to be prepared to receive a one in town burial ceremony. Talebearers disclosed that the Okoye brothers led by Jude Engees Okoye, have spent almost N50m on the burial rites for their late mother.

It was also disclosed that the brothers have spent so much in giving their mother a well-befitting and world class burial for who they refer to as the only pillar of support behind the P-Square success.

Services of M.I.C for casket provision as well as interment celebrations have also been contracted. It was also gathered that Peter and Paul have promised to spare no cost in ensuring that their late mother is well laid to rest.

While some of the preparations and items that have seen the brothers spending so much include transporting her remains back to Nigeria; building a mausoleum; ordering for a very expensive casket; engaging services of burial team and event managers as well as catering for i bbnvited guests and colleagues.


  1. Nigerias sef haba! Anyway na their money, but why them no use the money instead carry her to USA or England or Germany where they have the best of the best hospitals and doctors?? Na india they carry her go bcos it is very cheap now wen she die them wan spend big money to impress their friends na una sabi sha. RIP to una mama. But make una think am say una no carry her go USA for the best doctors on the planet now una wan sho say una get money ko?

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  5. Guys, no one is saying wat dey did was not gud aftarall is dier moda. But wat we are saying is 50m is too much. We av ppl begging for for just 1m for keydney transplant,cancer treatment and odas. All stil same Mama! May ur gentle soul rest in peace.