Pastor Adeboye and Pastor Tunde Bakare Back in the Days

We have seen so many celebrities’ photos and their humble beginnings and all we see is a serious disparity between those days and these days. These are referred to as religious celebs and it brings so much fun and delight to know they actually had days when they were looking more innocent than how they now look. Generally one sees that Pastor E.A Adeboye really hasn’t changed, but Pastor Tunde Bakare seem to have gone through a lot of changes. Long live the pastors.


  1. Papa adeboye your my number one pastor in the world.Please the Tunde or Bakare of before is different from the new one,the new one has all the qualities of a Devil,they are as follows; sponsoring of Boko Haram activities against mostly christains, opening of his dirty smelling mouth to speak against a constituted authority like the president of Nigeria Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan,Collecting of bribe from Villa amounting to 50,000 dollars,Deputising a muslim fanatic that Nigeria will ne ungovernable if fanatic Buhari don’t win & lastly organising protest here and there for oil marketers / Barons.Please Papa Pastor Enoch Adeboye discard all the photos you had with him before & disassociate your self completely from this fake pastor Bakare.

  2. Badkare is insain and wort not to b called a pastor. He is a goal diger,politician and unrestpectful idiot a fool above 40. He is misleading his followrs
    A pastor like an unbeliever who loves the things of this world more than his creator. Agent of darknx goat in sheep clothing.
    Badkare is judas of our time.

  3. I wonder why some people don’t census wot their mouths would say. So bcos ‘a man of God’ (I am not justifying him, neither am I criticising him) forefronts in d Nigerian politics and some tongues are waging against him, yhu shld say woteva yhu tink they say? Hotwater and dominic, I am directin my comment to yhu. Pls whoever calls himself a MAN OF GOD, say no evil against him. Let the Judge of all the world judge him accordingly cos the bible says ‘thou shall not judge, so yhu won’t be judged’. Mind ur speech please. And like Sman sed, don’t bring God’s wrath upon ur soul. Peace

  4. More so… Learn to know that Politics is a calling too… Or wasnt Moses a Politician? Is God not a politician? Are you not a politician? Pls Re define Politics & stop hurling insult on my man….Pastor Tunde Bakare…. For EVIl to prevail, good men have refused to do anything- anonymous

  5. How many of our so called Pasors was able to stand their feet when Bakare
    face OBJ and never go back on his God sent message. We should be careful on the way we hurl insults at men of God, they are God’s advocate and we need to support them with prayers not abuses. May God help us.