Photo: Cloud In The Shape Of An Angel Spotted In South Africa, Intensifies End-time Talks

The cloud seen above above was spotted in Pretoria, South Africa recently, what was immediately obvious was the fact that the cloud had the shape of an angel. Many people have seen this as a sign, a sign from God and this has therefore intensified end-time talks in many quarters.

What do you think about this?


  1. Surely dere wil com a tym wen ol d signs dat hv bin written in d Qur’an wil surely com 2 past. May we ol b rdy 2 journey dwn 2 whr we shall ol account 4 ur deeds. May we repent frm ur sins Ameen.

  2. Its surely a sign whether its in †ђξ bible or ₪☺t. Whoever calls †ђξse events ‘world-deceivers’ should have a rethink and a better explanation for them.God is talking to His children in so many diff ways about †ђξ end-time cos He loves us dearly Ąπ∂ wants to prevent as many as possible from facing †ђξ dangers to come.If you’ve ₪☺t made peace with Him,this is †ђξ time to take Jesus as Ʊr Lord Ąπ∂ personal saviour….and to pray to God for grace ₪☺t to miss †ђξ rapture because †ђξ book of revelation will ₪☺t make a very Ǧ☺☺ϑ movie for you to be in.May God help us in Jesus name….Amen

  3. @Hauwa Your allah is no God who created heaven and earth.Your allah has been existing before Muhammad.Proof? Muhammad’s father was Abdallah or Abdullahi meaning Slave of allah.So, how come Muhammad was presenting allah as if it was a new thing.We know the true God of ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND ISRAEL who calls us HIS children not HIS slaves.If allah was true, how come Muhammad could not identify the ‘angel’ that appeared to him at the cave of Hira? You muslims had better stop armtwisting yourselves. Believe in the one who saved you by shedding HIS blood as atonement for your sins.Your good works can never save you. You can only be saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus. HE is the one coming back to judge all and not allah or Muhammad.

  4. Truly this is a strange cloud. Very uncomon. What does it mean? I don’t know. We don’t need to see such a cloud before we repent of our sins. The coming of our Lord Jesus is truly imminent. But many are dying as we read this. What happens to them will depend on their faith on the Lord Jesus. It is better we all repent now and not to wait to see a sign before repenting since we don’t know when our life on earth will end!!??

  5. I am taking stock of my life. I know the end is here. The happenings and testimony of heaven and hell has become more real than ever. I think we need jesus more than ever.

  6. it is a solemn warning to everyone: believers and unbelievers. to believers, that they should hold on to their faith that the coming of his Son our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ is at hand and to the unbelievers and backslidders that they should turn away from their sins and accept Jesus Christ into their lives as their Lord and personal Saviour so that they will not miss the rapture wen He comes.

  7. Come on guys, this is a lie!!! This photo was not taken in South Africa. Because on the photo the cars are driving on the right hand side and in South Africa the cars are driving on the left hand side. If the person can lie on the photo what else is he lying about!!!

  8. @Ayodele may The Holy Spirit of The Almighty Jehovah that Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour sent to this world to help us continue to be with us all…
    See, all that is happening is pointing that Jesus Christ is coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Sinner Repent from your sins and cling to Jesus the Alpha and Omega, the Author and finisher of our Faith!! May His Holy Name ALONE be praise for ever and ever, AMEN!!!!!!

  9. For we have not receive a Spirit that makes us a slave again to fear, but we have received The Spirit of sonship(and not slave) and by Him we cry, “Father, my Father”.. The Spirit Himself testifies that we are God’s children and not slaves!!!!!!!!

  10. @ Ayodele pls stop Criticizing relegion that is not good thing, and u av 2 act like a good leader dt ll guide pple not sm1 dt ll mislead pls stop pubilsizing what is goin 2 cause problem in a public. Coment wisely and avoid rot of God

  11. Al I knw his Jesus his comin back if U beleiv or not. I dont think we need cloud befor we beleive God if not becaus of our strong heart nd 4 somtin lik dis som wil stil not believ, let us al pray for mercy since He is our Father who @ in heaven he wil listen 2 us.

  12. There are vivid and strong indications that the Lord’s parousia(presence) is nearer than before.With the happens and world events,we don’t need a sign from the cloud to tell us that.What will save a man from eternal perdition is not a repentance at the point of death but a genuine one that is still available while we are living.Most people will wake up to realise that the enemy,Devil lied to them to believe the wrong things.In the world from time immemorial the Devil has been occupying and using religion to veil people from seen the light of the gospel of the glorious Christ.Religion cannot save man,it is Christ that saves.The Devil is harden the hearts of people from believing the Christ of God.Let him who has ear,let him hear.The Spirit and the bride say come Lord Jesus!

  13. wow this is wonderful…….this has never happen before,i was shock when i saw this,…….the kingdom of is @ hand……oh lord pls do forgive our sins

  14. hypocrisy is an expression of agreement that is not supported by real conviction,what is dis?Cloud In The Shape Of An Angel Spotted In South Africa,it doesnt mean the shape is God,Jesus,Angel or what ever you may call it,it is just a shape forgudnessake arent we wise enough to know wat the cloud formation can do?now is an angel which of the angel,…. michael,gabriel ok lets say is jesus was it not in the bible that jesus said he will go so that another d will com he did not say he will form a shape in the cloud ok lets says is GOD hahahahaha….isnt it funny the almighty the creator of the universe hmmm

  15. This is simply the end time sign…… God have mercy on me and have mercy on my soul…… Cos i knew it will surely happen in this generation…… Nobody want die but they want go heaven .

  16. My brethren what r u waiting for end time is very very very……….very near dan b4 pls repent from ur sin.put in d hold amor of God it’s den u can be save,remember u can save by accepting jesus christ as ur lord personal saviour.

  17. let it be known to all that platforms for the antichrist are in place already, but awaits the rapture that will soon take place, more so, this image is a sign of shadow that’s within, the real thing which is the rapture will soon take place. he that readeth, let him have understanding.


    A man and his wife were traveling when an old man beckoned on them for a lift, but at first they decided not to stop because of the rampant cases of kidnapping happening in that area, but at few meters the car stopped by itself, then the man now call on the old man, immediately he entered the car, the man tried starting the car and it went on smoothly, the old man now open his mouth along the journey and say that an arc angel was sent to blow the trumpet, but Jesus went and covered the mouth on the 15/7/2012, and the man dissappered, this happened at Emure in Ekiti State Nigeria. God has play his own part, the question is , are we all set for the second coming of Jesus?

  19. Whether or not you believe this is a sign from God, the question is, if today was your last day on earth would you be ready to give a good account of the life you have lived? MayGod bless us all!

  20. Whether its forgery or not, hear this you unrepentant argumentator: “He who has the SON has LIFE, he who does not have the SON does not have LIFE” And my question is, do you have the SON of GOD? Please invite HIM today and it shall be well with u.

  21. I saw a perfectly formed peace cloud in the sky the day my mother passed away. She was a Christian and I felt it was God’s way of comforting me in my loss by showing me she would finally be at peace after battling a really horrible illness. It strengthened my faith and emboldened me just as it does looking at this angel. My first thought was that this angel is a messenger with a warning so please go and get your bible and read Isaiah 55:6-11 selah

  22. The coming of our lord Jesus christ is at hand,lets therefore putoff all the works of darkness now and put the light of God.

  23. 4 those wu find it hard to beliv or cald it a frame or woteva. 2cor.4:3n4 says but if our gospel is been hid, it is hiden to dose dat r lost. In wum d god of dis world has blinded their minds which doesn’t beliv, not to let d glorious gospel of Christ wu is d image of God shud shine on them. D greatest n famous of all sins is disobedient which wil lead d stif necked ones to hell. Weda u beliv or not, d end is near n d signs r there 4 u to c n keep ur heart focus. It is beta u repent b4 its to late!!

  24. we don’t need to c clouds B4 we repent, d lord Jesus can come any moment from now ,we should always be ready 4 d rapture,besides a lot of thing have been happening around the world that is enough to make us understand that we re in the end time, i pray that JEHOVAH will give us the GRACE to win this race in JESUS NAME , all i can say is that to him that have not repented should begin to have a rethink,and to those who have repented including me should b at alert and careful else we fall

  25. Don’t be fooled. This is a lie… there has never been such a cloud in South Africa… and the photo was not taken from South African… there is no coming of jesus or anything like that… people are simply making up these stories. I understand, life is complex… we must continue in our persuit to understand it… not inventing hoax stories.


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