PHOTO: Ghanian Students Violate Girl Caught Stealing

Authorities of the University of Ghana are yet to react to the moléstation of a suspected female thief at one of the halls of residence by male students on the dawn of Thursday March 31.

Some male Students of the Mensah Sarbah Hall annex B arrested Amina at about 3:00am for allegedly stealing a laptop and other gadgets belonging to a female student of the mixed hall.

Instead of handing her over to the University police, the students many of whom are males strippéd her nakéd and physically abuséd her and recorded the act.

In the ‘nasty video’ , Amina could be seen weeping severely as she pleaded with the students to forgive her. But the men without mercy tore her into pieces to expose her nakéd body.

They opened her legs wide and some of the guys could be seen inserting their fingers into her vágina….

The students, after molésting the victim, handed her over to the police who are investigating the incident.

We understand the University authorities are investigating the situation and will come public in the coming days.

The Crimes Officer at the Legon Police command, ASP Basim, who confirmed the incident to us, said the suspect has been on the police wanted list before Thursday’s alleged thievery.

He however condemned the moléstation of Amina.

“She was apprehended and brought to Legon and handed over to the police for investigation so she is in custody. About two months ago, she committed a similar offence and she was arrested and cautioned but because of her circumstance she was granted Court bail to report at the Court. Unfortunately she failed, and the case was presented in her absence and a bench warrant was obtained. So we were looking for her when she committed this recent theft”.

“But if you suspect anybody for committing any offense, the best is to apprehend the person and hand him or her over to the police but not to molést or beat the person up. That will mean taking the law into your own hands” the Crimes Officer lamented.

The lady has not been confirmed to be a student of the University.

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