Photo: Pat Utomi Says This Goat Is Smarter Than Most Nigerian Governors

Pat Utomi posted this photo earlier on his Facebook wall, saying that the goat in the photo was smarter than most Nigerian governors.

According to him, Nigerian governors should take a cue from this ingenious creature. Rather than wait for the leaves to fall, it has used it initiative to achieve its objectives. Rather than our governors to request for more oil money from the ‘Federal Government’, they should like Governor Raji Fashola, use their initiative to develop what they have within their states. That is the True Meaning of Federalism. PU.



  1. Against the recent statements of David Mark,i think the time has come to fully utilize the power of social media to put this country back to the rght perspective.Not in any way trying to support insulting our leaders but the time has come to speak out,and say what is right.Prof is right in his evaluation,oil that is a blessing to other oil nations appears to be a curse to our country.Most Govrnors looks forward to the monthly national cake to the negligent of the vast untapped minerals resources around which can create job, attract foreign investors, and end d issue of unemployment and frustration which is at the bane of youth restiveness and boko haram menace.