PHOTO: What Are Your Views On This Controversial Bishop David Oyedepo Sticker?

The sticker shown below has caused a lot of argument in many quarters, the primary issue is a phrase used in the sticker which says “I Am A Son Of Bishop David Oyedepo”.

What are your views on this?


  1. U didn’t get the phrase well…. It’s actually meant to be “I Am A Son Of FIRE (D SYMBOL THERE IS FIRE) B4 Bishop David Oyedepo

  2. u are right man…..if u see d plan of winners chapel nd convenant university it look exactly like illuminati symbolz….if u care inbox me on fb (hogunniran paul Hoomel) i will tag u in the plan pics dat i av….and also some years back he invited another proven illuminati pastor ( T.D Jakes)….

  3. well when u see the various reactions from the comments of people u can easily tell how little attention many so called Christians which they truely are not give to their bibles. they don’t study they don’t have the time to read their bible and they come up with ignorant comments on the internet to display their level of ignorance. what on earth is wrong with the statement.. first those against this do not have a Father in the Lord, they are the ones that bring shame to the body of Christ….

    • @Loaded: That is so true. God says “My people perish for lack of knowledge”
      If you were doers of the Word of God then you would have known that Prophets are God’s representatives on Earth. Bishop Oyedepo is my father and i don’t give a rats about what others say… I am enjoying God’s covering through the Prophet in my life or should i say MY ELIJAH…

  4. Question: Who is the man David Oyedepo?

    Answer: Dauda turned David. A poor Muslim boy turned a mega rich ‘man of Jesus’, swindling poor, hungry, dogmatic Christians.

    God help you all these dogmatic self-acclaimed sons and daughters of God

  5. The Devil keeping off from you is becuase you are a child of God and you know the name of Jesus. There is nothing wrong in calling your pastor your father. But some times we stretch things too far when we forget there is an heavenly father. He is the fathermof us all. It is because of Him that data will flea from us.

    I think we should exhualt the name of Jesus. That is what Bishop preaches. The name of Jesus is what demons actually fear. That is what thrill gave us. For instance you cannot say to a demon I cast you out in the name of Oyedepo, Adeboye or Oyakhilome, the demon will not listen to you. Jesus is tha name that has been lifted above every other name including th name of all pastors, let’s us live by the name of Jesus and take more pride in it. This is my humble logo maphy which I make without loqua patial

  6. The Devil keeping off from you is becuase you are a child of God and you know the name of Jesus. There is nothing wrong in calling your pastor your father. But some times we stretch things too far when we forget there is an heavenly father. He is the father of us all. It is because of Him that Satan will flea from us.
    I think we should exhualt the name of Jesus. That is what Bishop preaches. The name of Jesus is what demons actually fear. That is what the bible gave us. For instance you cannot say to a demon I cast you out in the name of Oyedepo, Adeboye or Oyakhilome, the demon will not listen to you. Jesus is tha name that has been lifted above every other name including th name of all pastors, let’s us live by the name of Jesus and take more pride in it. This is my humble logo maphy which I make without loqua patial

  7. Jesus Christ is my father not david oyedepo. Dont be decieved by senseless and faithless christians. We were asked to cast out demon with the name of Christ not Oyedepo.



  9. My most honoured Pastor,i dont know if u did this poster?if yes 4God seek &4 young Christ like it’s not proper it should be change2(I’m d son of God almighty)instead of ur name sir,God bless u.

  10. Matthew 23:9 reads : do not call anyone your father on earth, for one is your Father, the heavenly one. Verse 10 reads neither be called leaders, for your leader is one, the Christ./ A mere putting of a man’s picture on a church flyer or signpost discourages me from identifying with them many of them exalt themselves so much. Verse 12.

  11. Pls It Might have been made by some members, Who “hallowed” their pastor. The man of GOD will not authorize the printing of such things. I attend RCCG and deeply love and respect my G.O. It is out of love this might have been done. Also, The Demons have “Paul I know, Peter I know, but who are you ? This might have influenced them to write this. LET US PLS not attack Men of GOD without knowing details. People have said and done things in the name of these Men of GOD without them having the faintest Idea.

  12. No be only oyedepo dey do am.yes maybe na him be the champion or the most successful with it but we have gone from christianity to miracle seeking. And right now its pastor worship.they are all thieves and our people keep running to them because they tell them what they like to hear.

  13. I sincerely have my doubts that d Bishop authorized d printing of such sticker as I believe that men of God do not usually compete with God. If d church recognizes this error d way people have observed it, the office that gave approval to such print should be called to question.

  14. It is GOD who sees the minds of evry person that is exposing them. My “CAUTION“ is do not be carried away with the names of big pastor in our time remember,God said ye shall me with all ur heart,with all ur mind and with all ur soul,he (GOD) also went further to say:ye that serve me must serve me in SPIRIT and in TRUTH. Dont be deceive it‘s a sign of end time.

  15. Dis is why I hate all these one-man churches, their so called G.O. do what they like & no wht God like. Imagine pastor‘s pix on church stickers, signboard etc, now some pastor hv started recruiting their sons to inherit their churches bcos it is now family buz. U cant see all dis nonsence in Baptist, Anglican, Catholic churches etc. Let‘s b wise. An average member of Living Faith cant his child to Covenant university cos it is so expensive, bt they all contributed to built it. May God help HIS true church.

  16. Danladi Haruna they are not men of God!They are manipulators and businessmen duping people with the bible.why do you think Boko Haram is succeeding in bombing them?God is using Boko to tell the church in Nigeria that the money preachment and pastor worship is annoying God therefore he has delivered them into the hands of their enemy.Be God from within you in spirit and in truth.This concept of a man must have a spiritual godfather is brainwash.These men are mere fraudsters.

  17. Am highly disappointed in we Christians of now a day! While discriminating each other in a public just b’cos u are apollo or paul…..Mind u every negative words said to the holy spirit is not forgiven but all other sins can still be forgiven. Find the truth out and let it set u free; cos God knows best. GBAM!

  18. So many events nowadays are certainly an inctrovertible evidences to prove that we are in the last days , however; this case of spiritual father should never be misconstrued and over emphasized, that we accord our pastors with this parental respect does not mean that the davil will bow at the mention of their names, there’s only one name that davil gives such honour and that is the name of LORD JESUS CHRIST Philipians 2:9-11 . Some people are deliberately or indeliberately trying to take the GLORY OF GOD. This can be seen as a product of pride and can incure the anger of God in ones life at the end.

  19. Lion gives birth to lion. A goat cannot give birth to a sneak but goat. Note! ye are gods for your the sons of the most HIGH GOD. My Bishop is a son of God, being his son makes a son of god too. WHAT ABOUT JESUS THE SON OF DAVID is david the fathers of Jesus? think about it

  20. Why the noice on this sticker? Almost all known men of God have their faces, in some cases with that of their wives competing for spaces with commercial adverts. The Word of God is very clear on this. John the Baptist decreases for our Lord Jesus to increase. Mere mortals are now increasing, pushing the Holy Spirit to the background. No wonder, no visible signs of His power within the prescint of any congregation except, breakthrough in businesses, marriages,prosperities etc. Who can deny the fact dat those who dont even go to church are also prosperous and enjoy perfect health. THE MESSAGE OF THE CROSS (Salvation) should be the in thing for those who believe. Take a look at the great man of God ALEXANDER DOWIE. He built a city as we have all about Nigeria now. Everything went well until he claimed to be the expected ELIJAH. What happened – He ended up in a wheel chair, the congrgation become improverished/diminished, the administration of the city failed and the city crumbled. History is there for us to learn from. He who have ears to hear, let him note and understand the Word of God.

  21. Why is it dat people don’t have respect for ministers of God. The work was done by a publisher for those dat are fanatical of identifying themselves as Oyadepo’s son, bishop Oyadepo has no link in dat write up. So my friends be sure of what u are sayin B/4 u say.

  22. This is how you waste your precious time dealing with slack hand and become poor,
    John 14:12 Jesus said “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in what i have been doing. he will do even greater things than these because i am going to my father”
    Why spend your precious time speaking bouyancy of men.
    I refuse to become the best second copy of another man rather than the first best of me which God has ordained.

  23. And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven. (Mathew 23:9)

    Most christians are hypocrites… But what am I even saying this for? Even Paul countered what Jesus said in the above verse… Paul said…

    “…for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel.” 1 Corinthians 4:15

    Confused people. Lol

  24. I sse nothing wrong with a member calling his/her pastor father, why ar u all pretending as if it is not a comon practice to call one,s pastor or mentor father/mother.N the society today they av God father/mother and u pple c nothing wrong with it. The members dat made dat sticker c their pastor as a strong spiritual head/covering hence they ar passing a message to the devil not to try anything with them bcos their Earthly father will join force with them to fight back.

  25. D bible is clear, “neither is there salvation in any other name, for there’s no other name under heaven given among men thereby we must b saved”. (Acts 4:12)

  26. Mathew 23:9 Jesus said ” and u must not call anyone your father here on earth, because you have only one father, who is in heven. so anybody that chose a father on earth, weather Jesus or any other human being is not with God

  27. Fustrated Animals! U people are just jealous of him bcos God has so bless him that almost all d GO of other churches can’t compeet with him for anytin, He is my father and am his son, so the whole of u haters can go to hell. After all jesus himself was accused, teased, beaten, humilated and killed, not 2 talk of my great bishop. A lot of crazy thins has been said about him and he is not even borderd, cos d end only can tell. Foolish and Ignorant creatures.

  28. May God judge us all.Bishop in his believe will not give a go ahead 4 the printing of a flier like such.If Illuminati is all u guys care abut den u will continue 2 b where u re.instead of making other peoples issues yours y not look 4 smetin and do wit ur lives.remember the Bible asserted dat we should touch not His anointed.

  29. I wonder why people get surprised at stuff like this. What do u expect from a man who is an agent of darkness. Jesus in His 3 years of ministry never preached prosperity, instead he said it will be easier for a camel to pass tru a needle eye dan for a rich man to enter heaven! Or what do u make of a man that was nobody b4 he started his ministry and now claims his multi-million dollar school was not built from church money. Is d church not the source of his wealth? What do u make of a man that does not wear a cloth twice, not that he gives dem out as welfare, he burns dem off daily! Please focus on Jesus and leave these men of…..

  30. Guys, you should be wise and observant. Someone that loves drama and confusion made a manipulation here. Can’t you see that this is photoshop! The guy is poking with your brains, stepped back watching u guys shout and get worked up.

  31. I just realized that people are just looking for who to blame. There will always be poor and rich people till Jesus comes. Whether the pastors give all their wealth or not. The problems with Christian’s in Nigerians is we don’t have the knowledge and wisdom to multiply what we have. The actual truth and fact is that if all these wealthy pastors distribute all their wealth for their members, you will see that come 12months time. They would be broke and poor again.
    Look people, we are at the end times, of course there would be loads of false teachings and false Prophets. But the bible says, YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND IT SHALL MAKE YOU FREE. Unfortunately, we don’t (1.) Study the word of God (2.) They have not rightly divided the word of truth which is the bible.
    So they keep getting themselves deceived by false teachers. If i go to a church and it teaches what is different from what the bible tells me, i leave the place.
    That is why we all need to be in the Holy ghost school where u study the bible urself and u pray to the holy ghost for help and he does. DIY Do it yourself.
    Information is key and it rules the world, Jesus uses it, the devil also does. The problem with us is that we don’t practice what we have learnt, all a note jotted down. How many of us have opened the notes we jotted down from a really inspiring message?????? that’s the issue, our main problem in NIGERIA is that we blame people for our woes while if we all do or play our part individually it would all sum up well.

    I have been to Pastor Sam, Oyedepo , Adeboye and listened to them. First you need to know that they are

    1: Flesh and blood like you before they became pastors and their diverse traits and personality. Just like Paul, Peter, etc the disciples of Jesus.
    These men practice what they preached and i have silently observed them for years even Pastor Oritsejafor and Pastor Bakare himself, they are human and falling several times but gave them the grace to still rise again
    You don’t know where they are coming from. Its easy to sit on the fence and castigate, cos talk is cheap, they walked the walk where all of u were sleeping complaining etc , and u know they are reaping the fruit of it now.
    Yes criticism is good cos it keep them in check, but you need to be aware that they have a story and a history, can u persevere like they did, you saw the riches now, but did not know a lot of effort put into it.
    See, if they give out everything they have, they would still not be poor, they’ll become rich why be cause they know the ‘principles’ Don’t hate or envy them learn the principle tooo

    Can’t you see that the more they are criticized or persecuted they get stronger.Go and check on all the great men of God, they all went through the baptism of fire of Press etc, its part of their lives.
    The irony is that the real evil and false prophet /pastors are not been focused on, by their fruits you shall know them. eg Pastor King, if we start the discussion on that and many more, some one will come up with one terrible and dumb excuse for not talking about it. You better open your eyes and guard you heart and ur place in God.
    If time permits me it would have enumirated more on this issue


  32. when Elisha wants to cross river jordan, he shouted where is God of my father Elija.we can provoke d aunction in d life of our prophets for deliverance.psalm.20vs1.

  33. i am the daughter of Bishop David Oyedepo for life, anybody that wants to die because of this should go blazes for all i care.


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