PHOTO – Woman Gives Birth To LIVE Monkey-Like Baby In Otukpo, Benue State

A young Nigerian woman has been delivered of a monkey-like monster in Otukpo, a popular town in Benue State. It was said to have taken place recently at St Theresa Hospital, Otukpo

This wife of a hunter from Oju Local Government Area of the state was said to have given birth to a creature that looks like a monkey.

The strange delivery, was gathered, came as a surprise to the already mother of nine the who had successfully delivered nine children in the past and was having her 10th child before the strange creature visited her. According to an eyewitness, when the news broke out, residents of the town, especially those at the nearby Otukpo main market rushed to the hospital to see for themselves.

Describing the strange development as congenital malformation, Medical Director of the hospital, Dr Stanley Bwala said the malformation could have been forestalled if the woman was attending antenatal care regularly and advised pregnant women to always avail themselves to routine ante natal treatment.

However, it was gathered that as soon as the hunter heard about the delivery, he came and removed the monster from the hospital, even as observers believed the abnormal birth was a usual occurrence to hunters who have killed several animals during hunting.

In a brief chat with elder Adah Okoh, a traditional ruler in the area, he noted that in the Idoma tradition, such child should not be allowed to stay with the mother for fear of reincarnation. Asked if the monster should be buried alive or killed, elder Okoh said that should be left for the family to decide.


  1. it is incredible. Jesus is lord and coming soon. Repent 4rm satan identification number e.g fruad, fornication boko haram attark and lot more al unrightiousness. God bless u as u change today

    • There’s no proof of god or Jesus just a book written by men and edited by kings , and how do you explain humans being related to chimpanzees ? We even share 98 % of our DNA with them and it’s been proven , And god is manmade to explain the unexplainable , can anyone please show me proof ? There’s so many religions around they all can’t be true and they all claim to have made the world , you don’t need to believe everything your parents tell you make up your own mind

  2. na wa 4 nigerians o…y do u religiouslize everything.even d calling of a poor child a ‘monster’ by d writer of dis article is uncalled for. Monkeys and chimpanzees are directly below humans on the’s a wonder and a miracle that many of us turn out normal,cause if you read about the formation of a child you would realise that so many things can go wrong. A child that looks like a monkey and you say ‘monster’? Haven’t you heard of acrania,parasitic twins,mermaid syndrome,syndactyl,spina bifida,cyclops,hare lip,dextrocardia,exstrophy of the urinary bladder,omphalocoele e.t.c so many conditions out there,and you condemn this child as evil.more than half of the nigerian women are malnourished due to poverty and ignorance,how do you then expect normal formation of the child. People are even suggesting killing the child?! You guys need to pick up an embryology textbook. All dat child needs is love and nurturing,not to be treated like a freak.

  3. Everybody here have contriuted in accordance to how they understood the situation,but i will love to take (Idara’s) own opinion into consideration.Nice one from you…………It shows ur level of (I.Q) through your field of study…………….Its a good one from you…

  4. U hav said it all! Ds is lik d cases of our parents who ar ignorant of goin 4 genotype test b4 marriage then, resulting to AS married 2 AS=SS. Dat tym d baby wil die nd they wil say dat d child is ogbanje resultin to slotern of d dead body 2 pieces! So wat am sayn is dat women shul always go 2 ate natal. Let d baby live oooo nd giv him luv

  5. Dis is 2 tel d pple dat end has come nd d coming of d Lord Jesus Christ is at hand, accept Jesus Christ 2day nd b sure of Eternity. Ave u aware of approval of 666 sign in which d president obama has approve. Dis is fulfilmenet of d word of Lord in d end time.

  6. Can u imagin,in dis generation we are,someone dt av 9 children already & she still went ahead 2 conceived. Does she want 2 sell them in d market or she want 2 take out of them 2 collect money in d bank? i dont just undastnd.

  7. @Idara, I strongly disagree with you because human being gives birth to same specie irrespective of whether they attend ante-natal or not!! Are you now trying to tell us that it was only the mother of that baby(monkey) that has not attended ante-natal before?? No matter how foetus are formed in the womb, it can never, I repeat, can never come out as Monkey like!!!

    • He is saying had she attended ante-natal they would have known about it before birth, not changed it, and obviously it can happen because it did…you are an idiot.

  8. Interesting, that child should live. Also for purpose of further studies and researches on Birth defects. Though the child must be regarded as a special child.

  9. Its highly metaphysical and absolutely mysterious. Such incidence in yoruba land usually happened to hunters who has stepped on the toes of some spirit that inhabited them (Animals) before they were killed. it goes beyond the knowledge of biology and physical proposition. right from creation a monkey gives birth to a monkey and a human being to a human being. Philosophy makes us to distinguish clearly between incidents that are metaphysical and those that are not. Jesus Christ is the Only answer to all problems. No body wants to have that type of creatures for a child not even those that claim that it is normal. Let us learn the lesson and be careful, pray to God and expect the second coming of the son of God. Accept Jesus Today and you will be free from the peril of the end time Thank you.

  10. @idara,ova sabi,dnt wory we know ur type,what has al dose medical conditoions u just mentioned got to do wt d birth of a child that anatomically doesn’t look like a humanbeing,al dose defects u mentioned..stil,d baby,wil stl look human nd nt lik what we obviously see in ds picture,so my dear…use ur knowledge wisely……its a shame,u cn speak this way tho’nlik others hav sed,go born am na or beta stil,adopt d monkey!

  11. Most times we dont think before talking or writing, our question should be, is d child as hairy as a monkey, how is the genital organ? Does d baby behave like a baby monkey? And so on. By the way have u not seen people uglier or worst than this baby? If this child should be fed well, he or she will grow 2 be better and greater in life.

  12. These malformed babies usually have a myriad of other abnormalities that are incompatible with life and hence do not survive beyond a few days


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