Photos: Charly Boy Puts New Photos Online

These photos released by the 60 year old grandfather and entertainer Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy. The musician and entertainer has been known for getting involved in controversial activities.

What do you think about these photos.



  1. Disgusting! Old saggy skin! Its also obvious he is wearing a G string going by the black rope going round his waist in the first picture above, not that we are interested in seeing his dirty ass or old saggy manhood but if he is trying to show us he is bold then he should go completely naked let’s know he has done wat he is daring to do ..nonsense sir

  2. I think we dont need people like this in our soceity who have no value and dignity. Charly boy needs someone to get all thoses demons of his life. He needs help and i pity his wife. This is a demented attitude

  3. Charly boy is a disgrace 2 his family,who want to see ur ugly and dirty body.U dnt deserve 2 be Justice Oputa’s son.No wonder some people address you as a gay.Hopeless old man.

  4. Charly boy is a disgrace tu his family nt NIGERIA bt his real tu fink of ds ur mate ar der doin beta finz 4 9ja bt u r here shoutin out NUDE pix. moda4ucking useless pig

  5. Let’s stop looking @ Charly boy as a person,d man is a BRAND for goodness sake. It tkz plenty guts to do wht he does & dtz wht pays him. I applaud him jooo

  6. He is an artist, and art is all about expression. Maybe his form of expression is not African but then its his choice to choose form.
    And erm… point of correction, u dnt call a branded phantom a madman, u simply say he is ecentric.

  7. He is a lower animal, can’t u see how he is crawling on d ground, dnt bring all this people to dis site u ar promoting them, lady gaga nd charly boy shuld get marid nd give birth to bunches of animal.

  8. Oh Charly! What were you thinking putting out these pics? They are too horrible and don’t flatter you a bit! I’m simply embarrassed for you, not because you published your nude pics but because they are not worth the effort you put into producing them. Someone please pass me the sick bucket!

  9. Charlie i could remember vividly that, u were once a famous singer in Nigeria as at 1998/1990, what on earth deluded u in Doing this crazy things. U don’t even have respect to ur creator who gave u all the fame, and money. U better erase this thing out of internet, and repent just humble ur self to God. Pls

  10. Y is the picture horrible,is it bcos he is a naija guy or an african or cos he is 60,tis is especially to the guyz cos when george clooney or anyother babe is naked on GQ margazine,most u say cool,,note am nt in support of this utter rubbish but at the same time the internet is known to destroy lives,these pictures are old n I doubt if he put this up himself.

  11. This man is a disgrace 2 mankind, if he meant 2 impress us, well we are not. What a horrible role model u are 2 ur children & grandchildren. Gosh I wanna throw up… Dis is sooo disgusting.

  12. Hmmm wonders shall never end. This is too bad. I wonder how some people allow their sense of reasoning beclowded with tribalism in every issue. U could imagine Vinc a commentator above selecting some few coments made by people he percieved to be from d north and commenting on them instead of d case at hand

  13. This is a hugeeee disgrace! How will his grandchildren feel seeing naked grandpa. Come to think of it ‘charly boy’ is from a respectable family. Why this na? eh! It could be he is possessed. All this, is nt only arts, people let us pray for him!!!

  14. For all those saying charley boy is a brand please what is he branding?? For all those who say he is a role model, maybe you can train your children to be like him. It is sad reading some of the comments above where people are openly supportive of this kind of display, gone are the days of innocence where it is taboo for a woman to publicly expose her body tru indecent dressing, where it is taboo for a man to be caught with another mans wife, where it is not allowed for a man and woman to make love prior to marriage, excatly how sodom and gomorah ended. I’m ashamed to see people who call themselves Christains supporting this kind of public nudity display and this is wher I applaud the moslems bcos u wil never see a moslem do this,very sad indeed. Some people are meant to be role models for the younger once bcos they are popular but if this is how someone of charley boys statues intends to be a role model then its a pity and reflects the general Nigeria situation.

  15. All of u that support this insanity are like minded like this buffoon in d pix. Wld u like ur father or grand father display this kind of pix in the living room. Let’s learn to call a spade a spade in this country. Why live like whites wat good does their culture embibe in children. How to talk back at elders, call their mothers mate by name. Western nonsense. We are black and proud and our culture we must keep alive.

  16. Well, the case of Charley Boy is a one of pity. As I am ready some comments here, I just remembered what happened yesterday in my lecture class. One Prof. who is a SAN was lecturing in my class and he saw a guy who folded his shirt. He called the boy and ask him, are you Charley Boy?
    However, the guy is a dude. He has become a disgrace and laughing stock for himself. Chei…devil is really in the world today because it is controlling many people. BUT NEVER ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE USED BY DEVIL! PRAY HARD AS YOU READ MY COMMENT…

  17. Well, the case of Charley Boy is a one of pity. As I am reading some comments here, I just remembered what happened yesterday in my lecture class. One Prof. who is a SAN was lecturing in my class and he saw a guy who folded his shirt. He called the boy and ask him, are you Charley Boy?
    However, the guy is a dude. He has become a disgrace and laughing stock for himself. Chei…devil is really in the world today because it is controlling many people. BUT NEVER ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE USED BY DEVIL! PRAY HARD AS YOU READ MY COMMENT…

  18. Well you guys are doing exactly what he wanted, so wot are we saying? there are somethings u don’t need to talk about because it isn’t gonna change anything. he still want to be talked about and thats wot we all doing, so his aim still achieved. ‘Who wan fade? Nobody wan fade nau not even the 60 yrs old idiot lwkmdfh.

  19. Stop criticizing. Everyone has the right to live his/her life the way he want it. Good wo God is there, bad wo God is there to see you. So why judge somebody cos he appear nude, are you God that say leave it to me? Carry on jare is your life.

  20. The reason why nations and people fail in life is because they ignore God and Godly ways. For the fact that Americans and the rest of the world has lost their morales, values, sanity and fear of God doesn’t mean we should join them. Why must we always copy and support the wrong things from the West. We are Africans. We have our values and cultures. That’s why Boko Haram will continue to do what they are doing because christians have no fear for God anymore. Charlie boy should know this is Nigeria not America. He should take his madness to America where mad people live. He should not oome and bring the wrath of God on our land.

  21. I never knew we ve such a mad man in our dear country. Now i can agreed with a purported news dat he(Charly boy as he called himsef) is d father of illuminati in Nigeria and a gay activist in Nigeria. May God help him 2 knw wat he is doing nd to get pout of it 1 day…….

  22. @ monique,jay,vinc & other charly supporters I must say u guys hav totally gone nuts,dis is Capital insanity be it old or new,he posed naked a useless 60 yr old faggot,I guess u pricks are faggots like him also,stop preaching falsehood,promoting homosexuality,charlyboy is a generational disgrace to d oputa family as a whole,2 his father who has gud reputation in Nigeria,his wife,his child(ren), and grandchild(ren). He is a generational curse 2 his descendants. Stop applauding him maybe u guys are gay who knws,RUBBISH.

  23. may lord hav mercy upon us.this is realy d coming of antichrist, they wil soon rule dis world.they ar increasing d agony of jesus christ, pray hard for d days of salvation is short, adore and console d agonising heart.pray to avoid d mark of 666.may God give us d grace.

  24. Fuck u men. What a hell ar u tinkin men. Who d hell do u tink u ar men charley. I pity ur wife and children men. Infact u need deliverance men, take him to TB joshua 4 deliverance men.

  25. He has gone far in the occultic world as the second picture shows. That posture is the posture of a grand occultic being. Heaven and hell are real.

  26. nice comments. i think wot charly is tryin to do is seeking recognition again. he does not bliv his time has passed. av alws tot d guy to be a gay nd i gues he has just confirmed it. its a pity smppl r stil takin sides wit him which ought not to be cos evil is evil no matter d form it may take or no matter d personality of d person commiting it. i just hop non of his children wold folow d foot step of dis shameless man who calls himself a celebrity.

  27. I think charly is a lunatic & ought 2 be treated as one! His father wil be so disapointed in him where eva he is right now with is ancestors!! NOTHING WEY PERSON NOR GO SEE 4 NAIJA!!!

  28. he did wrong in d eyes of y is he so criticised,is it bcos he is 9ja.leav dat tin d celebrities ar d same.most celebrities has chosen hell fire.criticise al of dem togeda.

  29. hahahaha..dis d real ibo culture…charly boi i hail u..u knw wot?just check out his neckless is dat nt cross..i beg i 4 lyk 2 knw d church wer dis guy dey attend…joor

  30. I do not see any sagging skin. He has a very firm body (likely from physical exercises) and probably believes he is still sexy at 61. That explains why he is trying to show off his physique. Problem is we (Nigerians) are not yet ripe for this boldness and we naturally expect a man of 61 to be more conservative in his approach. He loves and craves for attention so that explains his moves.

  31. Its so unfortunate 4 d renouned Justice Oputa to beggat an iddiot like dis. Charlie fool should b banished frm d land. Eziokwu, agbaya!!!!

  32. Dis man is notin bt an old, cheap, deary, disgusting, conc. fucked up dude wit a messed up mentality claiming 2 b a model. God save u papa man.

  33. pls stop all the vulgar words u’ve used/u’re using against ‘area father’ in this pix. D pix has been edited. Even video streaming can be manipulated nowadays via video editable software. ‘WAKE UP NAIJA’ Charly B still remain LEGEND

  34. Charly boy is/was once a reputable musician. . .charly boy is a philantropist…do get your facts right.. . He is a father of 8 or 9children and about 12grand children. . .he’s identified with the masses in their struggles over time… This pic is an artistic expression…drogba appeared on a magazine cover with just his tight boxers… And it was cool? To me the only parts exposed are parts all nigerian men,infact african men expose everyday even in our markets and shops and no matter what anyone does wrong,if you ignore the action and begin to condemn him,then you have a problem and needs help too… Say what you may… He’s his own man and not your business,he is a brand and you make your name and stop calling him a disgrace to you cos i doubt if he even knows you….maybe you should have been oputa’s son since you “deserve” it more than charly boy… See how nigerians exhibit such bitterness and hate…

  35. Blessing nkem you know nothing about him so shut up! He’s 61 with a family fame andfortune,his dad justice oputa is still alive …tatafo!
    King edward na busy body like you justice oputa come deserve to begot? Male Gossip!

  36. If man strip una go call am gay but woman go naked na DIVA- partial people
    you wey call him skin saggy if you reach 30 your skin go worse pass this 60year old man own

  37. Judge not so u may not be judged. Try to find out why people do what they do, rather than murdering them with your JUDGEMENT. Thanks.

  38. I think Charly Boy epitomizes a failed generation. it’s his same generation of the 50s and 60s that are ruining Nigeria. They have destroyed our economy, polity and social life. They have hoisted on us a regime of insecurity and rot. They have destroyed our sense of self worth and dignity. We consider everything that crosses our way from the standpoint of pecuniary gains. They have raped this country. And today they are posing nude. And who dare confront them?

  39. All of una na big fools, una dey cos somebody wey una no know like this, like say una know anything. This man una dey talk of det train 2boys for my area, if dem tell u how Areafada take dem under him wings una go cry for all the rubbish wey una dey talk. Invade e no go better for all of una wey dey talk nonsense, na him make nothing dey happen for una life.

  40. You pole say you are christains look at the venom coming from your head. Even after you have read the interview you are still this ignorant, sorry for you all. You are so backwards is a pity, yet for most of you your lives must be in the dustbin, just because you have opportunity to talk on this platform, you must show how backwards and ignorant you are. If it pains you this much, pls stop looking at the pictures, cover your ears when you hear his name. Stid nigerians, god forbid.

  41. Haba…una sure say if un carry dis man go TB joshua he no go diliva ram …bt sha em sopose show em dick wela make we knw say em open am all….lwkmd

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  44. Charly is a world of his own. He has belittled his popularity by his boyish behaviour as his name sound. Above all what’s his father a reknown lawyer saying?

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  47. Why are you.doing this. All I think of you is that you are the devil agent and if you don’t repent the judgement of the lord will be upon you

  48. Well i dnt hav much to say. I dnt like d man either. But i understand his creativity. 61 still looking young and unsaggy dats something to celebrate, especially in a country like Nigeria where once a nigerian is past his 20s he/she start looking ummm….eniwei ma point is the fact dat u are not past ur twenties doesnt mean u shuldnt work hard to take care of urself and look good. Dat was d message i tot he was tryna pass to Nigerians who care less about der looks. If charly boy had had a good reputation frm d onset i would be so disgusted with dis pics, buh d man get in own for in body abeg. Charley boy nice creativity buh i hate u as a person.

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  50. Wel so fa i tink only 2 or 3 ppl av said somtin very important i.e dey sugested dat mr chalie boy shuld go 4 deliveranc dats d only advic cos it is so abnornal 4 a normal person 2 bhav abnormally hw i wish he is readin dis so dt he‘l no & understand dat he nids JESUS in his lif pls uncle charlie go 2 prophet TB Joshua 4 total deliverance in d nam of JESUS so dat u can b an ambasado 4 CHRIST only JESUS can save ur soul frm hell & 2 ol dos dat av rained down insults & curses u r nt perfect if u dont bhav lik him wot abot oda sins? “He who is witout sin shuld cast d 1st stone“hmmm remeber God wil bring evrytin 2 judgement even d smallest wod frm our mouth God wil nt say oh it was bcos of wot charlie did dat made u ol 2 sin wit ur mout NO!!! We shal ol acount 4 evry idle wod posted on dis page or any oda page rememba God WIL NEVA reduce HIS standard 4 anybody cos HE is no respecter of man i pray dat u‘l ol alow JESUS 2 b d LORD of ur life cos only in HIM can u find tru joy God bles u ol til we meet at d feet of CHRIST i pray we wil nt miss heaven in JESUS‘ name. JESUS LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT Shalom!!!

  51. Infact charly boy or man need medical attention before he finally enter market. This is not a joking matter, his family or neibour can get direct bus to yabaleft before it is too late for him.

  52. Charly u re a disgrace to ur family a 60 year old man behaving so childishly what example re u laying 4 ur grand children, I’m every sure when they re grown will not want to be linked to u in any way. Despite ur money $ cheap popularity, u ve a very ugly skin that looks lyk that of a frog. Ugly mugu

  53. i think that’s the part he was asked to play in his secrate’s not new to him as he claim to be a second in command to lucipher,dumabi charly-boy a disgrace to human hold.


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