Photos: Emotional and scary pictures of how Chinese children are being trained for olympics

So many horrors as one goes through the pictures of what happens in Nanning Gymnasium in Nanning, China. This is said to be an incubator for the making of champions that pick up gold medals at the olympics like they pick up grains on the farm.

It was said that parents take their kids to camps like this to shape their children into world champions. One would wonder if the parents see the pains these kids go through and judge if it is really worth it.

In  one of the scenes one sees the instructor standing on the child’s legs and in other cases they had to painfully stretch obviously beyond their limits. This are scenes that make one wonder if it isn’t better to come back home without any medal than force the kids to got through so nightmares. Check out the pictures below.




  1. I like this if we can have such institutions in 9ja i ‘ll gladly put my children in such school. like de say no pain no gain, our problem ya in 9ja is we dont want2suffer at all, such pains is4now after some time it gone in2d abyss. 4u 2b a champion u most go thru pains&so many blues in archiving u goal of greatness which is2get d GOLD.

  2. A casual approach to life leads to casualties of failures and disasters. So far the pain does not lead to death or injury and the children are wel taken care of. Why the false alarm? Do you know that chinese has longest life span. Dey no de quick de die o. My brother corruption is more painful. Failure is more painful. I better pay the price to avoid the torment of failure than to have hypertension bcos of failure. No sacrifice no success. Let us wake up from our casual approach to issues Nigeria is not expected to fail.