Photos – Flavour Nabania in Secret Baby Scandal in Uganda

Echoes of the past seem to still have a way of vibrating in our ears as this case comes up again of our very own Flavour. A report by a Ugandan publication has reported Flavour Nabania might be in an alleged child’s fatherhood scandal.

According to what the news media, Uganda Picks published, this is what we have:

“Many of us have been waiting for the birth of this baby and now it is born and still wondering who the real father is.

Given the fact that Bad Black has given birth to a black baby, we are now ruling out David Greenhalgh as the father and we turn to the likes of Mr. Flavour, Meddie Sentongo, and all the men who have been around her.

Among all the men, if analysed well, Mr. Flavour might be the father of Bad Black’s baby.

Lets look into this, Mr. Flavour came to Uganda in September for a performance and Bad black offered him $10,000 to sleep with him which he accepted and spent a night with her in a certain city hotel.

Now if we are counting the period at which Bad Black gave birth it brings us to close seven months.

Supposing they did not use any protection in September, lets Start counting from October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and a few days into May.

This definitely supports our thinking and brings back Chinedu Okoli aka Mr. Flavour N’abania as the father of the baby.

Bad Black was too tired of the pregnancy that she opted to give birth at seven months.

However, this cannot be depended on alone. There is a possibility that the baby black might be fathered by Meddie Sentongo her ‘limelight’ boyfriend because at one time Bad Black was over heard asking Meddie at Club Rouge when he is giving her a child in Luganda, “Naye Meddie ompayo di owana nga nkwagala nyo.”

Many other Men also had affairs with Bad Black but the ones who came to the limelight are Meddie, Mr. Flavour, and Greenhalgh.

Despite of the doubts about the baby’s father, Bad Black insists that the baby is fathered by Greenhalgh and she is waiting for him to clear the hospital bills and also take his child.

The mother and the baby are reportedly in good condition though still weak.”