Photos: Ini Edo’s Look Alike from Jamaica writes her a letter. Read it

A message was said to have been sent to the Mercy Johnson group from Jamaican who discovered she had a celebrity look-alike from Nigeria and she was said to have written this just to be able to get across to the lady. This is what she wrote:

My name is Davene Henry I turned 20 on August 17. I live in Jamaica home of Bob Marley, Usain Bolt, Marcus Garvey, just to name a few. I’m currently a student studying surgical technology. One day I met a Nigerian man who currently lives in Trinidad who told me I reminded him of Ms. Ini Edo.

I decided to Google her and low and behold I realized I do look like her. My wish is for Ms. Edo to see my picture or for us to meet. I love Ms. Edo. It’s funny because my dream was to become an actress but I currently just stick to writing short screenplays. I really want Ms. Ini to see the pictures that’s why I am sending this to you, not to cause problems but just to let her know that I exist thank you.



  1. We have a look alike of Ini Edo in Nigeria.the last Miss Nigeria contest.One of the Last Runners – up looks like her.She is from same state with Ini Edo.

  2. Most of the comments above are out of ignorance. Let them take a more critical look at the pictures they will realize they really look alike. What’s the essence of trying to insult the girl just because she expressed herself. If Bob is not a nationally symbol in Jamaica who then is?

  3. Some people here need to be educated on what look alike means….Were you really expecting anything more?This lady for crying out loud said she looks LIKE Ini and truly she does..Did you guys put your eyes in your pockets?I will also appreciate it if I see or meet my look alike.

  4. Give her a celebrity makeup artist,a celebrity hair stylist and she will look Ini’s twin sister.dem look alike well welllllllllllllllllllllllll


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