Photos: Lagosians in their act of Scooping Kerosene From Fallen Tanker

A tanker carrying kerosene fell on the road by Fagbem filling station, Mile 2, towards Oshodi Lagos, and people living around the vicinity start scooping kerosene from the fallen tanker. This has actually become a common occurrence as they didn’t learn from the previous accident that happened just about one month ago.

Here the pictures from the scene:


  1. Fly wey no dey hear word, go follow dead body enter grave.sinz they dnt wnt to learn frm oda pples xperience,I tink dey wnt to xperience it dem selfs

  2. This is so annoying…We’ve had cases of tankers with contents fall. When such incident happens, what should be done to avert pollution. We just need to be enlightened.

  3. Its poverty dat caused it. Nigerians don’t learn from other peoples experience. They want to be use as an experience. And I believed dat most people u see their wants to know how hell fire ll be, if nemesis catch on dem, I mean if it explode and they all got burnt, den dey ll ve more experience if dey gets to hell fire.

  4. we r yarnin as if we r nt nigerian lyk dem, do any1 tinks his beta dan dem in d pics? a 4liter of kerosine is N700 nw…i bet if we r there we’ll b encorage 2 do same


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