Photos Of 20 Nigerians Representing And Winning Medals For Other Countries At The Olympics

Philips Idowu representing GB – Men triple jump


Anthony Alozie team australia -Born in Aba

Anthony ogogo team GB (Nigerian father)



Andre Iguodala representing team USA basketball (Benin boy)

Marilyn Okoro team GB 800M women


Oluwasegun Makinde- Team Canada 4×100 relay

Oluseyi Smith – 4×100 relay


Ezinne Okparaebo- Team Norway 100m , 200m women


Tiffany Porter (Ofili porter) – Team GB 100m hurdles


Eniola Aluko – Team GB women football

Peter Bakare- Team GB Men Volleyball


Abdul Buhari – Team GB Discus throw (born in Kano)


Ifeoma Dieke- Team GB women football

Temi Fagbanle – Team GB Women basketball


Ayodele Ikuesan – Team France Athletics Women’s 4 x 100m Relay


Foluke Akinradewo- Team USA Women volleyball


Innocent Emeghara Team Switzerland – Men’s Football


Lawrence Okoye – Team GB men discus throw


Christine Ohuruogu – Team GB Women’s 400m , Women’s 4 x 400m Relay – A silver medal

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  • Can’t blame them entirely. Nigeria doesn’t provide a good system. Plus most of them have dual citizenships, what is to say they will win if they represent Nigeria? Our own athletes have the potential but aren’t on the right system at home.

  • So painful all becos Nigeria is not encouraging.checkout how bless and talented are Nigerians all over the world.

  • We should be critical in our analysis and statement.The news heading is not true by calling them Nigeian whlie we Know that those people referred to as Nigerian were only Nigetian by, 2.birth,or 3. Dual nationality But all of them were not Nigerian by Orientation and training for the game that brought them there. True or False.

  • Wat else do we expct datz very very gud.when we av capable people 2 rpresent nigeria da wuld nt pick them rather,wat da s u lok 4 rich nd popular people 2 rpresent nigeria.if da shuld cum home wif a medal it wuld b d biggest miracle on earth.imagine a banker rpresentin nigeria.l wonder how she did her practice. rubbish

  • The problem is from d goverments dat fails to mak life wat living in dis country, we hav d potentials but wen d avenue is not encouraging kon? We need to get it right from d top or else it affect all part of our system(see system theory for my analysis)..

  • The Nigerian system could not discover these athletes who are just Nigerians by parentage but citizens of countries not only of prospects which we have but opportunity which we lack.what we promote is corruption but the system in which these Nigerians are competing for go for the best . Do we really care for the best ? Do we even have time for the best? Do we plan or rely on miracles we are a wonderful country of funny people who he to rep here they did not sow may GOD help us to plan for the future Olympics . It is better not to feature than to disgrace ourselves the way we did in this Olympics this shows our stone age mentality .

  • wat more caan i say peeps? you guys have said it all.unless the govt thinks from our point of view, we will never get anywhr. moreso this is a show dat very soon we wont even be heard off from any angle watsoever. for instance, take a cue from our fall from significant position in areas of agriculture to wat it is now and even in sport in the past… my frnd said something about a banker rep nigeria huh.. wat is the correlation? this is d only nation you dont have problem studying/ planting maize and reaping cassava. u know wat i mean.

  • You dont have to worry, Nigeria still have many talented young men and women who are willing and ready to do it even better, but our leader an office holder are gods in their various offices and wont give the opportunity to those who are commited and desire success for this country. Look at SEC, Pension, Power, Telecoms, Water, Agriculture, Sport… We will rise above you one day….

  • Damn them they sold there birthright,well who gives a fuck about olympic glory,we get wahala here that r more important boko haram,electricity,poverty,bad road,corruption and the least goes on


  • This simply shows that we NIGERIANS can be useful to our country but we lack d orientation and empowerment , govt. should help Nigerians to help NIGERIA.

  • Quite for them.Its better for them to take their talents elsewhere than identifying with a bad country like nigeria where their ambitions would have been history.

  • All of them will come back home later, for now they are strugling to survive.Nigeria didnt recognize them and they decided once they have freedom of associate and expression so dont blame them. I pray for them it wouldnt too late for them to return home like John fashamu a nigeria born claimed England.

  • its not their foult o, i ll do d same if i were in their shoes the ones representing the country right now re not well taken care of

  • You get what you pay for! Obviously these countries saw potentials in them and help develop them to become one of the best.

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